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Exploring the influence of the dynamic gastrointestinal environment on drug and formulation behavior. - Belgium  

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Posted on : 27 March 2017

Project Description

  • Develop analytical assays to quantify test drugs and relevant metabolites in differentmatrices (biopsies, in vitro cell models, intestinal fluids...) by using highperformance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with UV, fluorescence and massspectrometry detection.
  • Participate in clinical studies.
  • Investigate  variations in the behavior and performance of drug formulations caused by   the time of drug intake relative to the cyclic motility pattern; the  pressures inside the stomach and duodenum will be continuously monitored     by high-resolution manometry.
  • Explore site-dependent intestinal drug behavior.
  • Study lipolysis and the solubility-permeability interplay in postprandial conditions.
  • Work collaboratively with basic scientists, pharmacologists and clinicians to solve scientific problems. 
  • Maintain efficient interactions with internal and external collaborators.
  • Keep up to date on literature related to the field.
  • Propose novel and actionable ideas, aligned with scientific strategies and demands.
  • Present data internally and externally.

  • A  master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biology, Biomedical Sciences,  Medicine or equivalent 
  • Experience  in general in vitro lab activities including cell culture, epithelial  integrity monitoring (evaluation of transepithelial electrical resistance, permeability to fluorescent molecules),and HPLC is a plus, but not  required 
  • High  motivation in combination with strong scientific curiosity 
  • Strong  team orientation, highly collaborative and results-oriented 
  • Good   organizational skills and knowledge of the English language are required     (oral/written)

PhD position