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Electrophysiology Scientist Bresso Italy,  

AXXAM (company)

Posted on : 22 March 2017

Project Description

  • Our company  is seeking a PhD-level scientist to join our electrophysiology group. 
  • The scientist will establish assays for ion channel targets in different disease areas, and test ion channel modulator compounds for efficacy. 
  • Qualified candidates for this exciting opportunity must have experience with electrophysiology of voltage and ligand-gated channels. 
  • The successful candidate will also have a broad understanding of other non electrophysiological methodologies to measure ion channel activity. 
  • Moreover she/he will be detail-oriented and highly organized.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills are required. Project teams at our company are interdisciplinary and require strong team players with effective communication. 
  • We expect that this scientist will contribute to intellectual property and have the opportunity to present findings at conferences. 
  • The current activities of e-phys team include target validation by manual patch clamp, protocol setting and compound screening with our automated patch clamp instrumentation.
  • The ideal candidate will establish novel functional assays on new challenging channel targets using conventional manual patch clamp technique. 
  • Upon a dedicated training to the use of our automated patch clamp instrumentation, she/he will establish the most proper protocols for the e-phys measurement of different ion channels. Moreover she/he will be involved in compound profiling for different hit to lead discovery programs and for safety risk assessment.

Minimum Basic Qualifications:
  • PhD in Biology, Physics, Pharmacology, Physiology or related subject; 
  • 3-4 years post-graduate experience; 
  • Experience of whole cell voltage clamp technique from isolated cells; 
  • Skill in preparation and handling of isolated cells, both primary cultures and recombinant cell lines; 
  • Deep knowledge in physiology, particularly ion channels, both ligand and voltage-gated; 
  • Flexibility and ability in exploring areas outside current sphere of expertise; 
  • Good written and oral communication skills; 
  • Good interaction capability with strong enthusiasm within multi-disciplinary teams. 

Preferred Qualifications and Experience:
  • Industry experience; 
  • Experience leading one or more ion channel discovery projects to development candidate; 
  • Technical leadership/ownership and responsibility for junior team members; 
  • Experience of high/medium throughput automated electrophysiology instrumentations; 
  • Multidisciplinary approach in ion channel studies (e.g. use of membrane potential, calcium sensitive dyes). 

  • Effective in building relationships, both external and internal to our company.
  • Collaborative, team player with a positive attitude and creative problem solving abilities; 
  • Able to compile, analyze, and present data in a concise manner in both written and oral; 
  • Engaged in active problem-solving and driving issues to resolution; 
  • Continuously looking for ways to change or improve, while focusing on the big picture and not only on a specific activity or task; 
  • Ability to clearly and effectively communicate ideas, data, and concepts while adjusting one's style based upon audience. 

  • Performing functional validation of new cell lines expressing the target of interest; 
  • Performing pharmacological profiling of small molecules modulators, identifying their mechanism of  action on the targets; 
  • Identifying the optimal conditions and setting the experimental protocols for the adaptation of cell  lines expressing the target of interest to the automated patch clamp; 
  • Validating the protocols and the target pharmacology by testing reference channel openers and   blockers; 
  • Performing compound screening for different hit to lead discovery programs and for safety risk  assessment; 
  • Maintaining broad awareness of state-of-the-art theories and scientific knowledge on ion channel  pharmacology; 
  • Working with other disciplines within biology to enable validation and progression of drug discovery  programs; 
  • Maintaining high standards of science quality and rigour; 
  • Preparing written reports/manuscripts and presenting data at scientific meetings (internal and  external).

Work Environment:
  • Office; 
  • Laboratory. 

Equal opportunity employer
Our company  offers a stimulating work environment and a competitive salary. 


Bresso 20091 Metropolitan City of Milan Italy

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