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Development of Biochemical Assays Enzymologist Bresso Italy,  

AXXAM (company)

Posted on : 31 March 2017

Project Description

  • Our company  is opening a position for a scientist, to join the group of Biochemistry. 
  • The position will require strong scientific and technical expertise and proven track records of development of biochemical assays suitable to be configured for high-throughput screening and characterization of enzyme kinetics and inhibition, as well as an excellent understanding of the underlying mechanisms.
  • The experienced enzymologist will be responsible to devise the project strategy, to accomplish proof of principle studies by scouting different assay systems and to develop high-throughput homogeneous assays in miniaturized format with fluorescent and luminescent readout systems. 
  • The assays will be intended to measure the catalytic activity of purified enzymes or the assembly of heteromultimeric protein complexes. 
  • The assays will be applied in screening campaigns and to assess potency, selectivity and mechanism of action of small molecule modulators. 
  • Besides, the successful scientist will be occasionally in charge of the recombinant expression of the target proteins in mammalian and insect cells and purification through different chromatographic techniques.  The position will require extensive collaboration with colleagues and strong communication skills with internal and external international partners.

Major responsibilities:
  • Design of strategies for the detection of the enzymatic activity of the targets and/or of the interaction of heteromultimeric protein complexes with systems suitable for high-throughput screening; 
  • Accomplishment of proof-of-principle studies and experimental assessment of the relative performance of the different assays; 
  • Configuration and optimization of prioritized assays for HTS in 384 well/plate format; 
  • Characterization of the potency, selectivity and mechanism of action of reference inhibitors and small  libraries of compounds; 
  • Accomplishment of recombinant expression of the targets in insect cells and protein purification by FPLC, from small-scale to large-scale production; 
  • Design of the experiments in miniaturized and parallelized format, analysis of the data, interpretation of the results, identification of problems and proposal of alternative plans; 
  • Keep pace with the technologies, scientific developments and innovation; 
  • Ensure support to colleagues for collaborative projects, and reliability, accuracy, robustness and high quality for data and reports.

Required knowledge and skills:
  • Degree in Biology, Pharmacological Sciences or related Life Sciences Academic Faculties with at least five-year post-graduate experience in Enzymology/Biochemistry, preferably in an industrial environment; 
  • Significant expertise in enzyme kinetics and inhibition applied to drug discovery projects, or alternatively in the determination of the affinity parameters of protein-protein interaction systems; 
  • Prior experience with miniaturized and parallelized assay formats (96 or 384 well/plate) and lab automation systems are a plus; 
  • Experience in eukaryotic cell culture, in recombinant expression (preferably in insect cells) and in   protein purification through different chromatographic techniques using FPLC systems; 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Knowledge of GraphPad Prism and other data analysis software are a plus; 
  • Ability to work effectively under strict deadlines within a team framework in cross-functional projects as well as independent scientist; 
  • Effective communications with colleagues at all levels and with external international partners; 
  • Adherence to protocols and to corporate policies on Quality and Health & Safety; 
  • Fluency in English, written and spoken. 

Equal opportunity employer
Our company offers a stimulating work environment and a competitive salary. 


Bresso 20091 Metropolitan City of Milan Italy

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