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Development of Biochemical Assays Enzymologist Bresso Italy,  

Posted on : 31 March 2017

Project Description

Axxam is opening a position for a scientist, to join the group of Biochemistry. The position will require strong scientific and technical expertise and proven track records of development of biochemical assays suitable to be configured for high-throughput screening and characterisation of enzyme kinetics and inhibition, as well as an excellent understanding of the underlying mechanisms. The experienced enzymologist will be responsible to devise the project strategy, to accomplish proof of principle studies by scouting different assay systems and to develop high-throughput homogeneous assays in miniaturized format with fluorescent and luminescent readout systems. The assays will be intended to measure the catalytic activity of purified enzymes or the assembly of heteromultimeric protein complexes.


Bresso 20091 Metropolitan City of Milan Italy

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