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Derivatives Operator Niagara Falls Canada,  

Solvay (company)

Posted on : 26 February 2017

Project Description

  • work in a unique operating plant which manufactures a wide range of finished products, involving the use of extremely hazardous raw materials. 
  • new Product Development and continuous improvement to existing Formulations and procedures occurs continuously (greater than 125 process changes per year). operators are required to review and comprehend all process changes. 
  • requires the handling of many pyrophoric, toxic, corrosive and extremely hazardous materials.  
  • extreme caution must be exercised in the performance of all job duties to ensure personal safety and prevent all incidents or environmental releases. 
  • must ensure that the control room is attended at all times. 
  • must have working knowledge of total plant.  operator is required to interpret and notify appropriate personnel when any alarms or unusal activity is observed. 
  • coordinate and activate emergency procedure when appropriate and required, including the emergency telephone, emergency stop buttons for various processes, emergency evacuation alarm and calls to outside agencies ambulance and fire. 
  • required to prepare equipment for maintenance work by isolating, depressurizing and decontaminating piping or pumps. 
  • required to perform pressure Testing and leak checking following repairs or preventative maintenance prior to starting up normal Operations
  • operators rotate areas of responsibility on a shift basis, throughout the two trains running in the plant. 
  • a knowledge of all areas is required by the four operating groups. 
  • competently operate the following equipment and perform procedures:   
    • high pressure Autoclave, Autoclave vent scrubber associated heat exchanger, pumps and instrumentation in both trains. 
    • phosphine weigh tank and associated instrumentation in both trains 
    • catalyst mix tank and associated pumps and instrumentation in both trains 
    • tank farm, raw material and intermediate tanks, pumps, exchangers and associated instrumentation. 
    • vacuum and atmospheric stripper, associated pumps, associated dry vacuum pump, cut tanks and instrumentation 
    • two glass lined reactors, associated heating and cooling exchangers and pumps, associated instrumentation and computerized control; vacuum pump associated with one glr. 
    • two high speed aqueous/organic separators and associated pumps and instrumentation. 
    • aerophine centrifuge, associated pumps, vessels, agitators and exchangers, and candle filter (train 2) 
    • final adjustment tank, urea dissolving/wet stripper vessel and associated pumps exchanger and instrumentation 
    • follow operating procedures for seventeen different products. 
    • monitor all annunciator alarms, respond to or communicate information to other operators and Supervisor
    • monitor video cameras for main gate, phosphine storage tank and flare stack, respond to or communicate information to other operators and supervision. 
    • competently and safely package final products in drums, totes, cylinders, trucks, ISO containers and railcars.  ensure proper labels, placards and seals are applied. 



Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

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