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Dept. Manager/Team Lead for Protein Design - Denmark  

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Posted on : 29 May 2017

Project Description

A brighter future
  • We work in close partnership with our customers and the global community to make a sustainable impact. We use science to advance industries. 
  • As part of Corporate Functions, you will help empower people, enable decision making and create the agility that will strengthen company’s competitive edge and extend the reach of our biological answers.

Dept. Manager or Team Lead for Protein Design  
  • For our Protein Design Group in Copenhagen, Denmark we are looking for a Dept. Manager or Team leader.
  • The Protein Design group is responsible for designing improved enzymes for a wide range of industrial applications that are served by our application research units. 
  • We design enzymes based on structure and sequence analyses in addition to the experimental data that our wet-lab colleagues generate.
  •  We work with cutting edge methods in theoretical biophysics, structural bioinformatics and data analysis and interact extensively with our closest colleagues: molecular biologists, high throughput screeners, biochemists and application scientists. 
  • Together with them we transform biotech ideas into reality and invent products that are used by millions of people every day.
  • You will be working in the Protein Design group and interacting extensively with the entire company R&D organization to drive protein engineering projects and design the molecules that will become our new products. 
  • As a manager/lead of protein design you will dedicate a large fraction of your time to research in addition to providing scientific leadership and people management for the design group.
  •  You will be responsible for maintaining a high scientific standard and ensure the best practices for protein engineering and design in company R&D. 
  • Approximately 75% of your time will be spent analyzing scientific data and designing enzyme variants and enzyme libraries for improved performance in industrial applications.
  • We provide a fun and challenging job in an international organization, which is providing exceptional products used by people all over the world.

In this position you need to:
  • Have a PhD in Protein Engineering, Biophysics, Protein Structure or similar, and experience as a postdoc or ideally as a group leader in an academic or industrial setting.
  • Have solid experience with scripting languages such as Python or R, and you can develop scripts/programs for performing analyses of large amounts of experimental data, protein sequences and protein structures.
  • Have experience with standard protein structure analysis, design and simulation tools such as Pymol, Gromacs, AutoDock, APBS, Rosetta etc.
  • Be good at talking to people who are not computer experts, you are good at initiating and maintaining scientific collaborations, and you have a good sense of humour.
  • Be a passionate and result-driven researcher, who can drive the scientific development of a small group of protein designers and lead technology development and protein engineering projects.
  • Previous experience with experimental work, especially with enzyme biophysics and protein characterization is an advantage, so is experience with meso-scale simulations and Brownian dynamics simulations. 

About Us
  • Our company  is the world leader in biological solutions.
  • Together with customers, partners and the global community, we improve industrial performance while preserving the planet’s resources and helping build better lives
  • As the world’s largest provider of enzyme and microbial technologies, our bio-innovation enables higher agricultural yields, low-temperature washing, energy-efficient production, renewable fuel and many other benefits that we rely on today and in the future.