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Data Engineer- Data Engineering and Emerging Technology - United States  

Company managed [?] Still accepting applications

Posted on : 22 December 2017

Project Description

-As a Data Engineer, you will be tasked with creating an ecosystem to have the right data, to ask the right question, at the right time. 

-Apply advanced techniques to complex problems in R&D and other organizations.

-Work directly with the Data Science in R&D at Takeda along with other advanced analytics organizations across the company.

-Apply advance techniques in structured, partly structured and unstructured data across different partner organizations. 

-Implement solutions for both big data and difficult to structure data sets.

-Maintain up-to-data knowledge on modern data technologies, explores new platforms and beta tooling.

-Independently use own judgement to identify data requirements and influences the design.

-Influence new computer science platforms to design, analyze and implement complex and new data driven solutions that impact the company.

-Provide leadership to complex data analysis, uses and explores data, languages, tools and software to best construct data for predictive modelling, tests the model, trains data to deploy the modelling within a complex R&D, Medical, Mathematical environment and a large complexity of IT systems and data.


-Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

-2+ years’ experience or relevant project / coursework

-Up-to-date specialized knowledge of data wrangling, manipulation and management of technologies.

-Ability to manipulate voluminous data with different degree of structuring across disparate sources to build and communicate actionable insights for internal or external parties.

-Possesses strong communication skills to portray information.

-Ability to work in an agile environment with high quality deliverables.

-Experience with two of the following languages:  Java, Scala, or Python

-Understanding of Web Services as well as JSON formats

-Working knowledge of SQL and Relational Databases

-Experience with one of the following NoSQL datastores (Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4J, …)

-Experience with concepts of Hadoop and Spark


-Additional Languages:  Chef, R, Javascript

-Experience with Multiple NoSQL datastores (Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4J, …)

-Experience with data formats including Parquet, ORC or AVRO

-Understanding of AWS (S3, EC2, Redshift, EMR, Athena)

-Experience with a Rapid UI tools:  EX: Tableau