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Consultant - Thailand  

Dupont Biosciences (company)


Posted on : 21 March 2017

Project Description

Position Summary (Role): 
  • Responsible for delivering solutions and services to DSS clients across the entire range of our offerings and client base.  
  • This involves a series of non-routine to complex consulting projects, working with the client’s culture, assessing their needs, then creatively and flexibly adapting DSS knowledge into consultative solutions, which inspire confidence and demand for additional services.

Responsibilities (Principal Activities):
  • Work as part of a company Sustainable Solutions ) Team, led by the BDM / PM to devise client strategy and orchestrate interactions. 
  •  Contribute ideas to the Team's development of solution design and delivery plan.  
  •  Lead with limited supervision client fulfillment on small projects where a PM is not assigned or on work streams within larger projects. 
  •  With limited supervision perform analyses of client business challenges and formulate hypothesis and draft recommendations for solutions to those challenges throughout the engagement life-cycle (pre-sale, delivery and follow-on selling).  
  • This includes quantitative analysis regarding injury sources, root causes, relationships among job functions, longevity, past injury history and current injury data. 
  •  With limited supervision analyze costs and associated benefits and build business case for client change. 
  •  With limited supervision develop presentations and documents, at professional standards of excellence, for immediate client use in documenting and executing revised business processes. 
  •  Lead client workshops in specific areas that include: establishing a safety culture, implementing safety management systems, process analysis, quantitative analysis, ergonomics, contractor safety and leadership, etc. 
  •  Engage with multiple clients, in various stages of delivery, simultaneously. 
  •  Build and maintain client relationships so as to identify follow on sales opportunities for DSS.

Special Challenges:                                                                                                                                               
  •  A Consultant's work in DSS is billable to our clients                                                              
  •  A critical skill required of our Consultant is the ability to commercialize company Knowledge and the deliverables of this skill is value extract from contracts plus extending our contracts by new offerings.  
  •  One major differentiation of a top performing Consultant from an average Consultant is feedback from our Clients Satisfactory Survey and their request to work with a particular Consultant.      

Job Qualifications
  •  BS Engineering or similar degree, MBA preferred                                                                       
  •  Experience in an external consulting role and/or company  experience in congruent areas preferred 
  •  Five and above years of professional work experience with at least five years operations experience and two years consulting experience (preferably) including direct supervisory responsibility or team leadership 
  •  Management in a variety of industries considered including: light and heavy manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, construction and transportation.                                                                        
  •  High intensity, highly adaptable with ability to tolerate ambiguous, unstructured environments; derive satisfaction from creating orderly environment      
  •  Ability and willingness to sustain high intensity for extended periods (e.g., overnight turn-around). 
  • Willingness to travel up to 50% - 70% in support of client engagements