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Clinical Conduct Associate (company internal only) - United Kingdom  

Company managed [?] Still accepting applications
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Posted on : 25 May 2017

Project Description

This role is eligible for  internal candidates only.
  • The  clinic is looking for a full-time, experienced CCA.  
  • Candidates must be signed off on most of the company CCA training manual skills to apply.

CCA responsibilities include:   
  • Check-in, release and return of Study Participants   
  • Preparation of needed materials 
  • Obtain urine samples when required by study 
  • Check luggage 
  • Ensure questionnaire and informed consent form are completed accurately 
  • Transfer samples to clinic lab   
  • Measure participant height/weight   
  • Record raw data   
  • Monitor activities of Study Participants and respond to their needs   
  • Keep study stations well-stocked and clean including bio-hazard handling and disposal   
  • Distribution of food items to Study Participants   
  • Transaction and protocol deviation documentation 
  • Interpret specification sheet   
  • Orientation of Study Participants   
  • Perform vital signs on Study Participants 
  • Assist with blood collection and lab work preparation   
  • Perform Electrocardiograms (ECGs) on Study Participants 
  • Other duties as assigned