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Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) – position - Sweden  

Clin Storage (company)


Posted on : 13 July 2017

Project Description

  • Our company is GDP and GMP certified by the Swedish MPA with business related to
    • Storage of for example medicinal and investigational medicinal products, plasma tissues and cells
    • Wholesale distributor for medicinal and investigational products
    • Batch release and certification (QP Release)
    • Importation of medicinal and investigational products from 3rd countries
    • GMP audits
  • Our company also provide CMC support and expertise to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, from non-clinical safety studies to late phase development.
  • Our company is now rapidly expanding and need to recruit a CMC-expert, which can work both as a consultant and hands on at our company.
  •  As a consultant, you will guide, take part of development activities, and manage CMC for companies contracted by our company.
  • The consultancy work will be in close collaboration and under the supervision with those at our company providing CMC consultancy.
  •  The intention with the role is to grow into a more independent role and support new customers to our company.
  •  We value good communication skills, both in written and verbally, a sound knowledge about various aspects of CMC, commitment, and excellent and timely delivery.
  •  If you have worked as a project leader/manager with the responsibility for the CMC part of the project, this is an extra bonus.
  •  As an employee at our company  we also expect you to be a part of the operational practice, including handling of goods, labeling and packaging, technical qualifications and maintenance of equipment, development of work routines under GMP. 
  • Knowledge and experience of computerized systems is optional but appreciated.