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Chemistry DMPK Scientist - Italy  

IRBM (company)


Posted on : 19 February 2017

Project Description

Job Description:
  • Design, conduct and analyze in vivo and/or in vitro DMPK studies to support drug discovery and preclinical development. 
  • Obtain/interpret bioanalytical/pharmacokinetic and/ or in vitro findings, write reports, make presentations, and communicate with other DMPK and Med Chem scientists. 
  • Requires PhD or MS and 2+ years industry experience with in vivo and/or in vitro DMPK; 
  • Knowledge of enzyme kinetics and hands-on DMPK skills including bioanalytical method development using LC/MS/MS; 
  • Drug quantitation in various matrices such as plasma and tissues; 
  • Sample preparation using liquid handling robots, and computational PK analysis using Watson or similar software.
  •  Previous experience in the design of in vivo experiments or metabolite identification is a plus.

Minimum Requirements:
  • The candidate must have: Hands-on experience on mass spectrometry and HPLC as applied to in vitro & in vivo drug metabolism. 
  • Working knowledge of other instrumentation including UPLC, radiometric, LSC, fluorescence detectors is a plus.
  • Innovative, independent and goal-oriented; able to plan and execute own research while being a good team player. 
  • Able to work in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams where English is the common language.