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Chemical Operator or Production Technician - United States  

Solvay (company)

Posted on : 21 October 2017

Project Description

Solvay is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristics.

As a Chemical Operator at Solvay's Spartanburg, SC plant you will be responsible for:

  • Operate all production chemical processing equipment including reactors, feeders, heat exchangers, piping networks, hoses,  pumps, valves, instruments, vessels, scales, tanks, scrubbers, meters, etc.
  • Conduct DCS operation to manipulate equipment controlled by the DCS.
  • Maintain appropriate batch and shift paper work.
  • Maintain a clean and organized workplace meeting the housekeeping standard established by the Operations Manager.
  • Follow the direction of the shift coordinator in a professional and cordial manner.
  • Prepare Work Orders for maintenance on the unit as needed as well as preparing the equipment for maintenance.
  • Minimize waste generation; follow waste handing guidelines as specified in plant procedures.
  • Report any process upset, spill, injury, chemical release, security event, etc.
  • Safely operate fork trucks and the yard tractor with box and tank trailers.
    Perform minor maintenance activities on production equipment as directed by the Operations Manager.
  • Represent Solvay Inc. through daily actions that reinforce the corporate values; demonstrating personal commitment to a safe, healthy and environmentally sound workplace for employees.
  • Work with engineers, production specialists, quality assurance technicians, distribution technicians, as well as other plant personnel to safely and efficiently accomplish plant responsibilities.


  • High school graduate or equivalent education. Possible entry level position.
  • Perform all required safety procedures applicable to product manufacture in the chemical processing units.
  • Perform inspections and checklists for pollution control devices.
  • Perform all tasks that are required to operate the chemical processing unit at the facility.
  • Demonstrate computer skills to access plant information, monitor email, and conduct production materials management responsibilities.
  • Knowledge of chemical processing equipment including reactors, feeders, heat exchangers, piping networks, hoses,  pumps, valves, instruments, vessels, scales, tanks, scrubbers, meters, etc.
  • Operate fork trucks and drive yard tractor to manipulate box and tank trailers about the plant site. 
  • Perform all MMRP and CMMS transactions required to manage production schedules, modify inventory transactions.
  • Prepare Work Orders as required to maintain the operating units.
  • Perform minor service maintenance on equipment as defined by the Operation Manager.
  • Perform troubleshooting abilities to properly identify causes of production equipment and process upsets.
  • Perform DCS navigation; DCS trouble shooting, DCS operation such that the process can be safely and efficiently controlled.
  • Demonstrate basic PC skills required for electronic communications, maintenance work orders, incident/accident reporting, and data retrieval (MSDS).
  • Ability to efficiently and accurately communicate and work with peers, superiors, engineers, and other unit personnel, and in a constructive manner.
  • Ability to effectively train peers on all aspects of the Production Technician job responsibilities.
  • Cross train in QA lab for level V1 (Required for selected Operators )
  • Knowledge of the 49 CFR Hazardous Material Regulations manual.


Entry level (0 to 2 years)