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Bioinformatics (contract) / バイオインフォマティクス研究者(主任研究員、契約社員) - Japan  

Takeda (company)

Posted on : 19 September 2017

Project Description


中枢疾患創薬ユニット イノベーティブバイオロジー研究所




















・昇給・賞与: 昇給 原則年1回 賞与 年2

・勤務時間: 本社(大阪・東京)9001730 / 工場(大阪・山口)8001645 / 研究所(神奈川)9001745


・休暇: 年次有給休暇、特別有給休暇、リフレッシュ休暇、産前産後休暇、育児休暇、子の看護休暇、介護休暇、フィランソロピー休職制度


Innovative Biology Laboratories, CNS DDU, Research

[Objective and Accountabilities]

Design and develop new computational approaches to maximize utilization of human genetics and informatics for facilitating innovative drug discovery and development.

Generate hypothesis of patient stratification, disease/drug mechanism, drug target with advanced approaches that analyze and integrate complex biomedical data sets.

Collaborates with interdisciplinary teams including experimental biologists and design research plan to test the hypothesis.

[Introduction of the hiring department]

Information science is becoming central to drug R&D process. We are developing data-driven culture to be strong innovators. This position offers the opportunity to change current drug R&D and to work in an environment that encourages scientific investigation and publication.

[Education, Experience and Skills]

School career: required

- PhD or equivalent in computational biology, bioinformatics, statistical genetics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) or related field.

Expertise: Required

- Experience in analyzing human DNA data and integrating with omics data sets or Experience in analyzing biomedical data and/or text data using AI related technologies

- Experience in a high-level programming language such as R, Python for complex data analysis.

- Ability to summarize complex results, interpret the findings to biologists and prepare clear reports.

[Employment Category]

Contract Employee

[Initial Work Location]

Fujisawa, Kanagawa

[Employee Benefits]

- Allowances: Commutation, Housing, Overtime Work etc.

- Working Hours: Headquarters (Osaka/ Tokyo) 9:00-17:30, Production Sites (Osaka/Yamaguchi) 8:00-16:45, Research Site (Kanagawa) 9:00-17:45

- Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, May Day, Year-End Holidays etc. (approx. 123 days in a year)

- Paid Leaves: Annual Paid Leave, Special Paid Leave, Refresh Leave, Maternity Leave, Childcare Leave, Family Nursing Leave, Philanthropy Leave.