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Bioinformatician / Mathematician - Germany  

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Posted on : 05 May 2017

Project Description

  • Our company employs next generation sequencing, bioinformatics and systems biology tools to develop personalized medicine approaches (diagnosis, treatment, pharmacological research) for cancer patients. 
  • Our company’ strong R&D business program is focused on systems biology modelling of cancer, for prediction of disease signalling and drug action in individual patients. We work together with cancer clinics, leaders in the IT field and the pharmaceutical industry on a variety of international commercial and research projects. 
  • We invite applications for a Bioinformatician / Mathematician for Applied Mathematics / Systems Biology Starting immediately, the appointment will be made initially for two years with the possibility of extension.

  •  We are looking for qualified and motivated applicants in Bioinformatics / Applied Mathematics / Systems Biology, to work on interdisciplinary projects aimed at developing deterministic models and modelling & simulation tools for studying biological systems. 
  • The ideal candidate would have a strong background in Applied Mathematics (Numerical Analysis, Optimization, Statistics) and programming (Python, C/C++, R), with solid experience in ODE-based modelling of dynamical systems and optimization of large-scale problems.
  • Experience in working with next generation sequencing (NGS) data, large data sets, analysis of Omics data and the development of complex biological network models would be an asset. 
  • The successful candidate will be strongly motivated, team-oriented and have excellent communication skills in the English language.  
  • You will join a group of bioinformaticians, biologists and software engineers working on the development of systems biology models, integration of Omics data, such as NGS exome/whole genome, RNA-seq, and proteomics, as well as clinical data generated by large international consortia for the development of mathematical cancer models using company's  unique ModCell platform. You will work on the development and implementation of algorithms for numerical simulation, optimization, data analysis of large-scale ODE models of cellular reaction networks. 

We offer a challenging and rewarding position as part of an international interdisciplinary team working in personalized medicine and systems biology, with a competitive salary and excellent working conditions.