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Associate Medical Advisor - China  

Lilly (company)

Posted on : 12 June 2017

Project Description

Associate Medical Advisor
  • Provide therapeutic support / linkage
    • Provide leadership of a therapeutic team
    • Maintain contacts with the corporate therapeutic teams
    • Provide lectures and educational support for internal and external resources
  • Provide market support
    • Speaker on LLY research
    • Speaker on Lilly products
    • Be sales force trainer
    • Work with opinion leader on requested studies / grants
    • Develop opinion leader program (OLP)
      • Build strong relationships and maintain contacts
      • Work with those OPL to become speakers for Lilly
      • Facilitator to LRL
    • Develop advocacy groups
    • Be product strategy team member
    • Be chairperson for advisory committee
    • Evaluate and sign-off for all promotional materials and medical literature. For promotional materials developed in Chinese, review and sign-off them on behalf of the medical director who does not speak Chinese.
      • Medical accuracy
      • Integrity
  • Provide medical leadership and support
    • Execution clinical trials
    • Determine feasibility of global clinical trials
    • Conduct of global clinical trials
    • Lead data development
      • Design trial protocol
      • Provide publication support
      • Solve issues / problems
    • Be CMGC (China Medical Grant Committee) member
  • General
    • Information and case support of sales force, marketing group and outside medical community
    • Other responsibilities if necessary by the supervisor
  • Degreed medical doctor – additional specialty training highly recommended (Oncology, Endocrinology, Central Never System)
  • Recognition of the importance of timelines
  • Basic public speaking skills
  • Ability to be a champion of a project / product
  • Driven by data and objectivity, not emotion
  • Documented experience in research, clinical experience or pharmaceutical medicine