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Agronomist Winnipeg Canada,  

Dupont Biosciences (company)

Posted on : 08 March 2017

Project Description

Job Description
  • Our company will coordinate seed production of soybeans. 
  • This position will focus on contracting seed acres, recruiting growers, and educating growers to produce high yielding pure seed. 
  • Lead a team to accomplish all facets of field production. 
  • As a member of the field management team, the Agronomist will assist with planning business operations and provide support for temporary employees.  

  • Assist growers in developing production management programs which enhance growers profitability.
  •  Maintain grower evaluation program which effectively and fairly measures grower productivity.
  •  Responsible for all aspects of grower contracts in collaboration with contract conditioners(implementation, price elections, contract elections, contract questions, payment problems).
  •  Work with contract conditioners for seed acreage contract allocations to growers.
  •  Gather management information about varieties for proper environmental placement.
  •  Remain abreast of and take a proactive role in environmental issues related to all phases of seed production such as conservation and ground water.
  •  Be knowledgeable of current agronomic practices and government agricultural programs.
  •  Implement and maintain quality standards as outlined in Pioneer quality plan.
  •  Implement safety programs in all aspects of field seed production.
  •  Plans winter meetings with growers.
  •  Gather ideas which enhance the overall productivity of all growers.
  •  Provide proposals for the development of the plant location business plan, this includes making recommendations for the capital budget.
  •  Responsible for monitoring plant expenditures as assigned.
  •  Add and drop growers based on grower evaluation.
  •  Implement safety programs in area of responsibility.
  • Coordinate recruiting and training activities for seasonal employees in soybean production.
  • Evaluate staffing need to accomplish all related tasks.

Job Qualifications
  • Experience and Education: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture or related field. 3-5 years of experience working with seed growers and seed plant operations.
  • Critical Skills:
  • Knowledge of production agriculture and production plant operations.
  •  Knowledge of field equipment including knowledge of precision agriculture.
  •  Supervisory and team leadership skills.
  •  Training and presentation skills.
  •  Priority management and ability to adjust quickly to changing conditions.
  •  Interpersonal flexibility.
  •  Good verbal communication skills.
  •  High level of PC skills desired. GPS mapping skills desired.
  •  Willingness to work in a variety of conditions (field, plant, warehouse - hot, cold, dust, etc.).
  •  Ability to lift up to 60 lbs.


Canada Manitoba Non Office Based...

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