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A next generation Colour Appearance Model for self-luminous stimuli Leuven Belgium,  

KU Leuven (company)

Posted on : 07 June 2017

Project Description

  • The assessment of the quality and comfort of lighting requires a good knowledge of the correlation between the optical properties of the sources, such as the luminance distribution, and their perceptual attributes such as brightness, hue, and saturation. 
  • To this extend, Colour Appearance Models (CAM) have been developed.
  • The aim of this doctoral research project is to develop a new generation Colour Appearance Model for self-luminous stimuli surrounded by self-luminous backgrounds using an image based approach and inspired by physiological insights. 
  • This would represent a real breakthrough in visual perception modelling.
  •  Such a model will facilitate lighting design to move forward from the traditional illuminance based design to a luminance based design. 
  • For outdoor applications such as road lighting and signalization, this model will become the tool to explore the limits of energy consumption while maintaining safety standards. In the long term it could become possible to implement the effect of aging and some common visual deficiencies directly into the model which will in turn contribute to a more personalized lighting design. 
  • Finally, the availability of a reliable and robust CAM can be used to enhance the experience of Virtual Reality devices.
  • Developing a new CAM requires spectral measurements of the stimulus and background using a colorimetric, perhaps a hyperspectral, camera and at least 20 observers will be asked to assess the scene by completing questionnaires. 
  • The observer data must be analyzed statistically while the colorimetric images should be processed in order to simulate some retinal neural pathways. 
  • Finally, a model must be developed and validated by additional experiments in realistic environments.

  • We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD candidate with the degree Master of Science, Master of Engineering or Master of Engineering Technology and with a strong interest in lighting, visual perception, optical measurements and image processing. In addition to a scientific research attitude, well-developed written and oral communication skills in English are required.

  • We offer a PhD scholarship for 4 years on condition that an academic approval will be granted to the candidate. 
  • The research will be executed within the Light&Lighting Laboratory .


3000 Leuven Belgium

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