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2nd Shift Packaging Specialist, PMH Holland United States,  

Perrigo (company)

Posted on : 30 June 2017

Project Description

  • Each operator rotates through each position on the line, requiring thorough knowledge of the line.  
  • The operators must understand and comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices and company Standard Operating Procedures while performing each of these tasks.     

Primary Responsibilities   
  • Consists of lifting boxes of bottles and caps that may weigh up to 40 lbs. 
  • A single box of bottles may weigh 20-30 lbs. and are to be lifted off of a skid and dumped about 3ft. over the shoulder into a hopper. 
  • A single box of caps may weigh 30-40 lbs. and are lifted off a skid and dumped over the shoulder into a hopper. 
  • During an operator s time at this position they will be walking constantly for up to 3 hours.    

Filler Operator  
  • An operator at this position stands at a conveyor belt in the fill room. 
  • As bottles pass by and are filled with product, the operator inserts 1 scoop into each bottle.  
  • A person may be standing at this position for up to 3 hours. 
  • When the product is removed because it is outside of the weight parameters, the operator will adjust the weight using the check weigher.    

Label Inspection  
  • An operator sits at the Inspection Station and watches bottles pass by on a moving conveyor.  
  • A person may be sitting at this position for up to 3 hours.   
  • As the bottles pass by, the operator verifies the lot code and expiration date, presence of a label, and presence of a secured cap.
  •  If  the product is unacceptable, the operator removes the product to a nearby skid. 
  • When the label roll runs out, the operator splices on a new roll.    

  • The operator verifies the correct lot code and expiration date on each box. 
  • The boxes are lifted and carried to a skid to be placed in the correct skid pattern.  
  • A person could be at this position for up to 3 hours lifting several hundred boxes during this time.    

Material Handler  
  • Operator uses a fork lift to unload 14 to 16 large bags (supersacks) of powdered product down from the warehouse rack and stages it outside the fill room. 
  • Operator brings one supersack into the fill room and uses a hoist to raise the sack to the hopper above the filling units.  Operator removes the sacks when emptied.  
  • Access is gained to the hopper by climbing the stairs. Operator removes the completed skids of packaged product to a skid wrapper.  
  • When the skid is adequately wrapped in plastic, the operator uses the fork lift to remove the skid to a trailer on the dock.  
  • Operator will also fill the box former when needed.    

Major Clean  
  • An operator may take on several different tasks during this clean.  
  • First the garbage is lifted from at least 4 different trash bins, and either carried or dragged to a skid.  
  • All garbage and corrugated to be taken out will be placed on this skid.  
  • A pallet jack is then used to transport the garbage and corrugated to the trash compactor. 
  •  The door to the trash compacter is lifted (heavy dock door), and the trash is lifted and thrown into the compactor. 
  • Components to be returned to inventory are counted and placed back in the appropriate containers.  
  • These containers (usually boxes) are then lifted and placed on a skid.  
  • A pallet jack is used to transport the components to a staged area in the plant.  
  • Depending on which component is being returned, the boxes could weigh various amounts in pounds. 
  • The packaging line is then swept and cleared of all debris from the previous lot.  An operator may spend several minutes bending and picking up debris. All operators will then begin cleaning the rooms.  Machines get wiped down from top to bottom, and washable parts get removed from machines.
  •   This could include lifting parts that weigh 5-60 pounds.  Parts are then loaded on a cart and wheeled to a designated wash room.  
  • An operator could spend up to 3 hours standing at a sink washing and drying.  The clean parts are then loaded back on the cart and wheeled back to the Packaging Line and are reassembled or stored for later use. After the parts have been washed and the room has been cleaned completely, the floor gets swept and mopped.  
  • This usually requires two operators, because the room is so large and there are many obstacles to mop around. 
  •  There is no heavy lifting for this task, except for pushing the bucket of mop water from the wash room to the Packaging line and back again. 
  • When the Major Clean has been completed the operators are required to bring in components for the next lot.  
  • This requires the operator to use a pallet jack to pull skids of bottles, caps, and scoops into the room.     

Required Experience          
Knowledge and Skill Requirements   
 Read and understand documents such as safety rules and packaging instructions. effective verbal and written communication with other employees and management. Calculate sums and percentages Stand for long periods of time, walk, climb steps, excellent fine motor skills, excellent hand  eye coordination, lift up to 60 pounds, and manipulate up to 220 pounds. excellent team work skills work daily OT and weekend OT excellent attendance record. cross-train on other lines.       


Holland Michigan United States

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