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How does it work?

We centralize all Life Sciences jobs that we can find on the internet. We exclude all anonymous and double postings and all adverts from agencies. In one place, experts get a transparent overview of exclusively Life Sciences jobs.

BrightOwl is the place to be for Life Sciences experts looking for a job or project. We build an ever-growing international community of experts. Because we are an ever-growing international community of experts, we are the ideal partner for Life Sciences companies looking for experts.

We facilitate in the matchmaking process with technology: our learning algorithm calculates the best job matches for experts and the best profile matches against jobs for companies. This guarantees an unbiased selection process based on individual preferences, expertise, knowledge, interests, skills, personality.

We add our personal touch: after technology has done its part, we assist you to select your best match. Let’s talk and dig deeper to go beyond the data.

What’s in it for you?

Our promise to experts

  • 1 transparent overview of all Life Sciences jobs that we can find on the web*
  • A quality check by BrightOwl: no agency adverts, no double or anonymous postings
  • Free registration
  • A confidential profile (only visible to BrightOwl and to companies you have applied with)
  • New jobs on a daily basis
  • Weekly job mails based on your personal preferences
  • Need help? We’re there to talk!
* Do you know other interesting job pages that you would like to see included in our job listing, click here to leave the URL.
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Our promise to companies

  • A continuous investment to build an ever increasing qualitative pool of Life Sciences experts by focusing on the needs and requirements of these experts and by keeping registration free
  • We find your expert within 5 months. No match? Money back!
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