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* What does my job status mean?
If your job status is "I am looking for a job right now" - you will receive your top 3 job matches on a weekly basis.
If your job status is "Just want to look around" - you will receive your top 3 job matches once every 3 months, just to keep you informed about interesting opportunities.
If we think we have the perfect job for you for one of our customers, we will be in touch.

* How can I create a profile?
First you have to register with a valid email address. Once registered, you can either build your profile using the “import from LinkedIn” button or you can create your profile from scratch using the Profile Builder Wizard. You can select tags from the dropdown menus or you can create new tags. Use English as language and make sure your profile is completed for at least 60% - the completer your profile, the better the job matching will work.

* Why do I have to create a profile?
If you have a profile that is completed for at least 60%, you will have access to all information about the jobs (company name, location, job description,…) and you can search, save and apply for jobs via our website or the BrightOwl App. We will continuously be adding new jobs. With our personalized job matching, it will be easier to filter out those jobs that best match your personal preferences. Our learning algorithm calculates your best job matches based on the information in your profile and based on your activity on our website and on the App (liking and disliking jobs). That's why we ask you to complete your profile for at least 60% but the completer your profile, the better.
Your profile is like your resume. It's only visible to BrightOwl and to companies you have applied with.
Companies can ask BrightOwl to actively help them in the recruitment process; the more we know about you, the better we can help in the matchmaking. If we think your profile could be a good match with a certain job, we will contact you.

* How can I apply?
You will find 2 types of jobs on BrightOwl:
1) BrightOwl managed jobs: these are the jobs of customers who have outsourced the recruitment process to BrightOwl. For these jobs, you can apply with your BrightOwl profile and we will respond to your application within 48 hours’ time.
2) Company managed jobs: these are free listings, if you want to apply, click the “apply” button and you will be redirected to the company's website. Follow the application instructions as mentioned on the company website. BrightOwl is not involved in the recruitment process, we just centralize these jobs so that you get them in one overview.

* What happens after I have applied?

1) If you have applied on a BrightOwl managed job, we will respond to your application within 48 hours time.
  • If your profile is a real match with the job requirements, we will call you to discuss your application over the phone within 48 hours.
  • If your profile does not match on all job requirements but we think it might be relevant for the company, we will change your application status to "reserve pool" and you will be notified via email.
  • If your profile lacks the essential job requirements, we will change your application status to "no match for this job", we will indicate the reasons why and you will be notified via email.

In case positive, we will plan in an in-depth interview and we will submit our feedback to the hiring manager who then judges if you will be invited for a first company interview. We will stay in touch until we either have a match or a no match for the job you have applied for.

2) If you have applied on a company managed job; you have been redirected to the company's website and you have followed their application instructions. The company is handling the follow up of your application, in this case, BrightOwl is not involved. You can contact the company for further information regarding your application.