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* What does my job status mean?

If your job status is "I am looking for a job right now" - you will receive your top 3 job matches on a weekly basis.
If your job status is "Just want to look around" - you will receive your top 3 job matches once every 3 months, just to keep you informed about interesting opportunities.

* How can I create a profile?

First you have to register with a valid email address. Once registered, you can build your profile using the “import from LinkedIn” button and update it further using the profile builder. You can select tags from the dropdown menus or you can create new tags. Use English as language and make sure your profile is completed for at least 60% - the completer your profile, the better the job matching will work.

* Why do I have to create a profile?

If you have a profile that is completed for at least 60%, you will have unlimited access to and you can search, save and apply for jobs via our website or the BrightOwl App. We will continuously be adding new jobs. It will be easier to filter out those jobs that best match your personal preferences. Our learning algorithm calculates your best job matches based on the information in your profile and based on your activity on our website and on the App (liking and disliking jobs). That's why we ask you to complete your profile for at least 60% but the completer your profile, the better.
Based on the information you provide with your profile, company users can narrow down their search and decide to contact you. Only if you receive a contact invite and accept it, your contact information is shared with that company and communication can begin.

* How can I apply?

You can search and see any job on BrightOwl, but need to be registered to click through to the companies website. Follow the application instructions as mentioned on the company website. BrightOwl is not involved in the recruitment process, we just centralize these jobs so that you get them in one overview.
Finding a job on BrightOwl is a little bit different.
When you click, like or favourite a job, your profile will appear on a list with interesting prospects visible to company users. They can search blinded profiles to find their ideal candidate. It’s up to the company users to decide if they wish to contact you. If they do, you will receive an invitation to share your contact details.

* What happens when a company sends an expert a contact invite?

When you receive a contact invite, the company user would like to see your contact details. You can then has to decide, to open up contact with that company.
Once the contact invite is accepted, your contact information of the expert is shared with the company and you’re free to interact.

* Who can see my profile?

Every company user can see a blinded version of your profile where we withheld your name and contact details.
We withheld your name and contact details, until you specifically choose to reveal your full profile.


Our tool is completely Free! There is no payment required for using the online platform.