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PhD Candidate in Oncology; Biomedical engineer (Ms), Public Health Master degree

Paris, France
Biomedical Engineering Research Cell Culture Western Blotting Immunofluorescence

I currently live between Paris (in France) and New York City.

I have a broad biomedical and technological academic background and lab experience.

I also speak 5 languages and I have more than 5 years

International excellence PhDc in Oncology | Examinateur - Correcteur habilité DELF / DALF | Professeur de Français Langue E ...
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Oncology | Master of Sciences Public Health, Epidemiology, Clinical Research | Animal experi ...
NY, USA | NJ, USA | Belgium | Netherlands | France

Business unit director oncology

Pharmaceutical sales Psychiatry Marketing Strategy Key Account Management Business Strategy
Business unit director oncology | Cluster Value Team Leader Solid Tumors BENELUX | Sr. Product Manager Psychiatry | Sr. Sales ...
Postgraduate Applied Economics | Master Teaching | Master Pharmacy | Secundary Education Latin-Math's

Medical Affairs Manager Oncology and Intensive Care Medicine

Hasselt, Belgium
Medical Physics oncology Physics Radiation Therapy Critical Appraisal

Since the last decade, I grew my career through various expert roles in the medical device and medical nutrition industry, primarily focusing on the therapeutic area of oncology. I started my internat

Medical Affairs Manager Oncology and Intensive Care | Co Owner | Scientific Research Manager | Marketing Manager | Clinical S ...
M.S. Medical Radiation Physics | Ph.D. Physics | M.S. Physics | Bc. S. Physics
Belgium | Netherlands | France | Spain | Hasselt, Belgium

Cluster Therapeutic Area Lead Oncology Benelux & Nordics

Pharmaceutical Industry oncology Clinical Development Clinical trials Pharmaceutical sales
  • More than 20 years of experience in clinical & medical department
  • Project management as well as people management
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in multiple languages
  • Line Respons
Cluster Therapeutic Area Lead Oncology Benelux & Nordics | Medical Affairs Manager Oncology | Medical Advisor | Clinical Rese ...
Bioengineer Biotechnology

Medical Advisor Oncology

oncology Translational Medicine Biomarkers Clinical Development Translational Research

I am a very dynamic, motivated, proactive and integer professional, able to work independently and in team.

In my career within medical affairs oncology, I have always strived for a good balance betwe

Medical Advisor Oncology | Medical Manager Onco-Hematology, with People and Project Management | Medical Manager Lung & P ...
PhD Medical Sciences | Master Biomedical Sciences

Medical Advisor Oncology

Leading Projects Project Delivery Status Reporting molecular biology Budget Management
Medical Advisor Oncology, Nordics | - | Consultant Clinical Operations Lead - Pfizer | Consultant Clinical Trials | Project M ...
PhD Medicine | M.Sc Molecular Biology

Director - Global Medical Affairs - Oncology

London, United Kingdom
oncology Clinical trials Clinical Clinical research Cancer
Director - Clinical Development Oncology - Global Medical Affairs | Director - Oncology Global Medical Affairs | Director / C ...
M.Sc Chemistry (Analytical Toxicology & Pharmacology)
London, United Kingdom

Global Oncology Medical Affairs Lead - Europe and Middle East

Nancy, France
Diplomacy Organisational skills oncology Cardiology Medical Devices
  • Graduated with a PhD in Molecular Biology, I have gained strong knowledge regarding angiogenesis process (VEGF, Cellular Pathways) during tumor development (especially Breast Cancer) and siRNA/miRNA de
Country Medical Affairs Leader | CEO | Global Medical Affairs Manager - Europe | Clinical Development Consultant - Europe ...
PhD Oncology -Effect Extracellular Matrix in Breast Cancer
Nancy, France

Medical Advisor Oncology

Clinical trials Clinical Development oncology Pharmaceutical Industry Market access
Partner | Owner | Medical Advisor Oncology | Clinical Project Manager Oncology | Medical Advisor
Drs. ( Msc) Molecular microbiology | Drs. ( Msc) Molecular microbiology | B.Sc Biological sciences | Bachelor of Applied ...

Product manager Interventional Oncology - EMEA

Microsoft Excel PowerPoint English SPSS Microsoft Office
Product Manager Interventional Oncology - EMEA | Assistant Clinical Project Manager | Consultant | International Marketing In ...
Master in General Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design | Master of Science (M.Sc.) Biomed ...
Germany | Belgium | Netherlands | Belgium
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