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You’re looking for Clinical Research Associate experts in Vilvoorde . On BrightOwl, pharma, biotech and medical device experts (talent, candidates, …) register to view vacancies, and they built a profile (CV) in order for companies to find and contact them for new openings.

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Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Clinical research Time Management Sales Problem Solving people management
Clinical Research Associate (CRA) | Clinical Research Associate (CRA) | Clinical Research Associate-outsourcing
Master Biomedical Science Life Science
Brussels, Belgium | Antwerp, Belgium | Belgium

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Mechelen, Belgium
fMRI Functional Neuroimaging Scientific Writing Data Analysis Parkinson's

For the past two years, I have been working as a CRA for a global CRO conducting site monitoring activities in phase II and phase III clinical trials in several therapeutic indications. 

This ex

Clinical Research Associate (CRA) | Postdoctoral fellow | PhD student | Job student
Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences | Master's degree Biomedical Sciences, General | Bachelor's degree Biomedical Sciences, Genera ...
Belgium | Antwerp, Belgium | Mechelen, Belgium | Vilvoorde, Belgium | Puurs, Belgium

MD, Clinical Research Physician

Kraainem, Belgium
Protocol Phase I oncology Microsoft Office Microsoft Excel
  • Solid background in medicine with many years of clinical work experiences as a medical doctor speciafied in gynecology and obstetrician  (home country).
  • Pharmaceutical work experiences with phase I
Researcher, Project Management & Coordination | Database Design and Analysis / Reporting with Access and SQL, Data Visual ...
Master Public health methodology | Master Molecular Biology | Bachelor Medicine
Belgium | Kraainem, Belgium

Biologist / writer

Antwerp, Belgium
Biostatistics R&D Scientific writing Analysis Analytical methods

 A highly reliable and self-motivated PhD graduate who has international experience and a long track

record of skillfully planning and managing different projects. Proven strengths in time management

Scientific collaborator | PhD researcher | Scientific Researcher | Freelance Science Writer | Collaborator / Assistant
Ph.D. Biology | Master of Science Biology | Bachelor / Licentiate Biology
Antwerp, Belgium

Medical Science Liaison (MSL)

Pharmacovigilance Clinical trials Pharmacy Pharmacotherapy Biostatistics

Enthusiastic Clinical Pharmacist, I'm dedicated, dynamic and organized, especially when it comes to achieving my goals. I hold two Master degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomedical Sciences. I

Clinical Research Pharmacist | Teaching Assistant | Medical Science Liaison (MSL) | Visiting Researcher | Research Fellow/ Ph ...
Clinical Research | Master's degree Biomedical/Medical Engineering | Master's degree Pharmaceutical Sciences | Bachelor ...
Belgium | Belgium

Clinical Project Manager (CPM)

Hematology Diabetes Biotechnology Neurology Urology


Project management & leadership

-            Build on national and international expertise in planning, implementation and oversig

Clinical Project Manager (CPM) | Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) | Clinical Programs Scientist | Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) ...
Postgraduate in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences | Masters Pharmacy ...

PhD student

Leuven, Belgium
Research science Data Analysis Life Sciences Statistics
PhD student | Medical student | Intern (Medical Doctor)
Ph.D. student Medicine | master clinical medicine
Leuven, Belgium

Corporate Research

Ganshoren, Belgium
Project Management Biochemistry Cell biology Diabetes Medical Devices

Roberto Martinez Neira is passionate about the human condition, professes empathy for others and exerts a strong willingness to help, which drives him to join the dots, to integrate many different are

Corporate Research | Freelance Scientific/Medical Consultant | Scientific Business Expert | Interim Scientific/Medical Writer ...
Ph.D. Medicine | Master Science Molecular Biotechnology | Master Science Agribusiness | Veterinary Medicine Degree Veter ...
Belgium | Leuven, Belgium | Beerse, Belgium | Ghent, Belgium | Louvain-la-Neuve, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium


In Vitro Antibodies Protein Expression Cell biology qPCR

I’m a PhD-level scientist with a solid background in immunology, molecular biology and antibody discovery. It is my ambition to work for an innovative (bio)pharmaceutical company and contribute to t

Scientist Agrobody Discovery | Technical-Regulatory Writer and pharmaceutical consultant | Postdoctoral researcher | Postdoc ...
PhD Medical Sciences | Bio-engineer Cell and Gene Biotechnology

Project manager (pre-clinical)

Merchtem, Belgium
Clinical operations Genetics Cancer Cardiology Medical Devices
Project manager (pre-clinical) at J&J | Clinical Safety Monitor | Safety compliance coordinator | Associate Clinical Data ...
Ph.D. Biotechnology | Master Biotechnology
Merchtem, Belgium
27 experts

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