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You’re looking for Candidates=3Futm=5Fsource=3Dsendinblue&utm=5Fmedium=3Demail&utm=5Fcampaign=3Dvp& experts in Obernburg Germany . On BrightOwl, pharma, biotech and medical device experts (talent, candidates, …) register to view vacancies, and they built a profile (CV) in order for companies to find and contact them for new openings.

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Postdoctoral Researcher

Frankfurt, Germany
Flow Cytometry Immunology Animal Models ELISA Cell
my working philosophy: ‘Research is a guide that, when followed with unwavering devotion, will contribute facts to any organized fund of knowledge’. goal: i aim to become an independent Scientist...
Postdoctoral Researcher | Senior Scientist (Preclinical Medical Device) | Post-doctoral Fellow | Staff Scientist (Wissenschaf ...
PhD Molecular Immunology, Molecular Medicine | MSc Biochemistry
Frankfurt, Germany

Clinical Manager

Obernburg am Main, Germany
Medical Devices Cardiovascular Disease Orthopedic Gastroenterology Statistics
i am experienced in Clinical Research Associate, clinical management and start-up management for Medical Device trials. i am actively working in diverse large, multicenter, europe-based and worldwide ...
Clinical Manager | Clinical Research Associate at D-Target / Premier Research Group | Start-up Manager | Postdoctoral Researc ...
Doctor of Human Sciences / PhD Epidemiologie | Diploma in Biology (MSc equivalent) Mircobiology, Immuno Biology, Pharmac ...
Obernburg am Main, Germany

PhD Candidate

Leuven, Belgium
Cell biology molecular biology Mammalian Cell Culture PCR qPCR
i am a Biologist, with experience in molecular biology, Immunology, Biotechnology, Cancer Research and Cellular Biology. during my phd, i have worked on the role of voltage-gated calcium channels in t...
Doctoral Candidate | Teaching Assistant | Research Trainee
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Molecular Biology | Master's Degree Zoology/Animal Biology | Bachelor Animal science and Bi ...
Leuven, Belgium | Antwerp, Belgium | Brussels, Belgium | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Aarschot, Belgium

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Frankfurt, Germany
molecular biology Bioinformatics DNA microarray Data Mining Microarray Analysis
Doctor in molecular biology at the ruprecht-karls-University of heidelberg (germany). master of science in Genetics and bachelor in Biomedical Sciences at the federal University of pernambuco, brazil....
Clinical Research Associate (CRA) | Clinical Research Associate (CRA) | Clinical Research Associate (CRA) | Guest Scientist / ...
Doctor of Science (Dr. rer. nat.) Molecular Biology | Master of Science (MSc) Molecular Biology | BSc Biological and Bio ...
Frankfurt, Germany
4 experts
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