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You’re looking for Life Sciences experts in Maastricht Netherlands . On BrightOwl, pharma, biotech and medical device experts (talent, candidates, …) register to view vacancies, and they built a profile (CV) in order for companies to find and contact them for new openings.

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PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology

Liège, Belgique
Project Management Project writing Scientific staff supervision Team working Oral communications

Holding a PhD in biochemistry, I studied the interaction of endothelial and tumor cells through circulating microRNAs. MicroRNAs are small non coding RNAs regulating gene expression at post-transcript

Researcher Ph.D Student (FRIA)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Science Biochemistry and molecular biology | FELASE category C Management of animal experi ...
Liège, Belgique

Molecular Biologist and QA coordinator

Liège, Belgium
Biochemistry Cell biology Animal models R&D Adverse Events (AE)

Passionate scientist with over 8 years’ experience in the cell culture and protein biochemistry techniques.

The scientific skills are complemented by strong knowledge and expertise in the Quality As

Quality Assurance intern | Doctoral Researcher | Junior Scientist
Master Biochemistry and Molecular Biology | Bachelor Biology
Liège, Belgium | Liège, Belgium

Molecular Biologist

Maastricht, Netherlands
Research Coaching Project Management management Life Sciences

My interests revolve around a central theme; the lust for knowledge. I want to know how things work, why they exist and how they interact with each other. This was the main drive behind getting my mas

Chef | Research Assistant | Research Assistant
Master’s Degree Master clinical molecular sciences | Master’s Degree Biochemistry | High School Atheneum
Maastricht, Netherlands

Senior Scientist Biology and in vitro Pharmacology

Bilzen, Belgium
Cell Culture ELISA Cell In Vitro Flow Cytometry

I am an open-minded, friendly and resourceful researcher. I’m honest and punctual, I work well in a team but also on my own as I like to set myself goals which I will achieve. I have good listening

Senior Scientist Biology and in vitro Pharmacology | Postdoctoral Researcher | Fellowship | PhD student | Technician
Master’s Degree Biology (major physiology-biochemistry)
Bilzen, Belgium


Seraing, Belgium
Biologie moléculaire molecular biology Biotechnology Génomique Genotyping

- Scientific expertise:

Molecular biology ; genomics ; In vitro diagnostic ; marker identification ; genetics ; crop improvement ; plant-microbe interactions ; phytopathology ; Tilling platfor

Scientific Researcher | R&D project leader | Head of molecular biology R&D | Head of plant molecular biology laborato ...
Ph.D. Molecular Biology | Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies Molecular Biology | Master Biochemistry | Bachelor Biochemistry ...
Wallonia, Belgium | Brussels, Belgium | Limburg, Netherlands | Limburg, Belgium | Flemish Brabant, Belgium


Comblain-la-Tour, Hamoir, Belgium
Immunology Chemistry Laboratory Techniques molecular biology Problem Solving
Predoctoral researcher in Cellular and Molecular Immunology | Coach | Assistant Professor | Monitor Student in general and or ...
Bioengineer- chemistry and bio-industries Chemistry | Math Sciences Langues
Comblain-la-Tour, Hamoir, Belgium


Liège, Belgium
Biotechnology molecular biology Immunology Cell Culture ELISA
Laboratory Technician | Research Internship - Virology and plant pathology sections | Trainee
Advanced Master Biotechnology, applicated biology | Master's degree Bioengineer in Agricultural Sciences (diploma equiva ...
Belgium | Netherlands | Liège, Belgium


Bunsbeek, Glabbeek, Belgium
Endocrinology Scientific writing English Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Microscopy
PhD student | Biology teacher | Science teacher
Doctor Biology | Qualified Teacher Biology | Master Biologie: animal physiology and molecular biology | Bachelor in Biol ...
Hasselt, Belgium | Brussels, Belgium | Tienen, Belgium | Leuven, Belgium | Bunsbeek, Glabbeek, Belgium

Senior scientist

Hasselt, Belgium
Biochemistry molecular biology qPCR Vector NTI Protein Purification
Secondary School Teacher | Postdoctoral Research Fellow Neuroimmunology | Postdoctoral Research Fellow Molecular biology | Ph ...
Spanish | PhD student Biochemistry | Master in molecular medical biotechnology molecular biotechnology | Ing. Chemistry ...
Hasselt, Belgium

Project manager Abiotic stress

Landen, Belgium
Research Plant Physiology molecular biology Sugar metabolism Project Planning
Project manager Abiotic stress | Research Assistant | PhD student in biology | jobstudent | jobstudent
Master of Science in Biology | Bachelor of Science in Biology Master of Science in Biology | Bachelor of Science in Bi ...
Landen, Belgium
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