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You’re looking for Life Sciences experts in Cologne Germany . On BrightOwl, pharma, biotech and medical device experts (talent, candidates, …) register to view vacancies, and they built a profile (CV) in order for companies to find and contact them for new openings.

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Director, Data Management

Madrid, Spain
Biostatistics Negotiation Phase I R&D 21 CFR Part 11
as a Physician by Training but always working with clinical Databases, i have been participating in Clinical research projects, either as it staff, database Administrator or Clinical research Data Man...
Director, Data Management
Advanced Master Computer Science | Graduate Medicine
Madrid, Spain | Basel, Switzerland | Bonn, Germany | Alicante, Spain | Madrid, Spain

PhD researcher

Bonn, Germany
Sequencing PCR DNA methylation molecular biology Western Blotting
- 7 years of Postdoctoral experience in 3 different research institutes (karolinska institute, German Cancer Research centre, ludwig institute for Cancer Research). - working experience in 3 different...
Leader Operations and Development | Research Engineer | Postdoctoral fellow | R&D Scientist | Postdoctoral fellow
Ph.D. Biotechnology | Master of Science (MSc) Biological Sciences
United Kingdom | Germany | Austria | Stockholm, Sweden

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Bonn, Germany
Confocal Microscopy Cell Culture Fluorescence Microscopy Patch-clamp molecular biology
i am a Biologist with great passion in optics and Engineering. in my academic Career, i had a lot of experience on building different Microscope or imaging systems such as a spinning disc confocal Mic...
Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Postdoctoral fellow | Postdoctoral Researcher | Postdoctoral Researcher | Student Tutor
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Neuroscience | Master's degree Cell biology | Bachelor's degree Life science, Chemistry
Germany | Switzerland | Austria | Netherlands | Sweden

Manager Business Development

Düsseldorf, Germany
Clinical Site Monitoring Phase I Clinical trials ICH-GCP Proof of concept
•      Clinical Research Professional with 9 years' experience in Clinical Development in Pharmaceutical/biotech industry, cros and academia•      expertise area in early Clinical Developm...
Manager Business Development | Jr. Early Stage Development Scientist /Sr. CRA | Clinical Research Associate (CRA) | Clinica ...
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Medicine | Specialist Functional and Ultrasound Diagnostics | General Practitioner Therapy
UK | Belgium | Netherlands | Germany | France

PhD Candidate

Cologne, Germany
Genetics molecular biology Molecular genetics science Bioinformatics
i am a phd level Molecular Biologist with a strong plant breeding background and hands-on experience in plant Genetics and molecular biology. a natural communicator, result-driven and committed team-p...
PHD Fellow | Research Assistant | Intern
Ph.D. Molecular Biology | Master of Science (MSc) Plant Biotechnology | Bachelor of Science (BSc) Agriculture, General ...
Cologne, Germany

Postdoctoral Researcher

Renens, Switzerland
Metabolism Neuroscience In Vivo In Vitro Motivator
i am a Scientist with expertise in the areas of metabolic and neurological diseases. i use my scientific and writing skills by writing blogs about developments in Gene therapy for patients with inheri...
Postdoctoral fellow | researcher | PhD student | Chief Routesetting and Climbing Instructor | Education Program Specialist ...
Certificate MBA Management of technology-based Entreprise. Clinical trial management and regulatory affairs. | Certifica ...
Netherlands | Liège, Belgium | Namur, Belgium | Maastricht, Netherlands | Eindhoven, Netherlands

Biomedical Scientist

Cologne, Germany
NI LabVIEW Solidworks Lab-on-a-chip Microfluidics Microsoft Visual Studio C++
an ambitious and highly motivated Biomedical Engineer having an experience of 35 months for working on different aspects of Biomedical Engineering. Research experience of 21 months at corporate house...
Technical Sales and Marketing Assiatant | Intern | Master Thesis | Engineering Intern | Senior Sales Executive
Master of Science (M.S.) Biomedical/Medical Engineering | Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) Biomedical/Medical Engineering ...
Cologne, Germany

Dr. rer. nat.

Düren, Germany
molecular biology Western Blotting Protein chemistry Protein Expression Protein Purification
i am a phd holder in molecular biology from the University rwth aachen, germany. having successfully obtained my phd in jan 2014 i joined the University bonn, germany as a Postdoctoral fellow in a pla...
consultant | Post-Doc | PhD student | Research Assistant | Head Biochemist
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Molecular Biology | Master Biochemistry and Molecular Biology | Bachelor Chemistry & Biol ...
Düren, Germany

Life Science PhD and project manager

Cologne, Germany
Life Sciences Scientific Writing Project Management Data Analysis Presentations
❝ the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.❞ ― alvin toffler i am a life science phd with an entrepreneuri...
Intern Project Management | AI Trainer -Volunteer | Clinical and Medical Affairs Intern | PhD researcher | Fundraising and ma ...
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Life sciences/Genetics | Master of Science (M.S.) Genomics | Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Plan ...
Germany | Switzerland | Belgium | Netherlands | France

PhD student

Ghent, Belgium
Warehousing Biotechnology Systems Biology molecular biology Evolutionary Biology
i am a motivated phd in Biotechnology who wants to employ his skills in molecular biology and Project Management in an applied job in the life-Sciences or business sector. to further strengthen my com...
Doctor of Science: Biotechnology Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology | Master of Science (M.Sc.) Biology ...
Ghent, Belgium | Brussels, Belgium | Antwerp, Belgium | West Flanders, Belgium | East Flanders, Belgium
32 experts

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