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Our laboratory group Anacura (, provides accurate and efficient analysis in life sciences & healthcare. We have an essential role to play in the medical analytical services and everything that we do as a company will ultimately have an impact upon the end user, the patient. It is our responsibility to offer a reliable service that ensures our clients to proceed with their drug release process. In order to respond to the increasing demand for analytical pharmaceutical characterization we are expanding our analytical services.

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Evergem, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium

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Anacura offers high-quality solutions for your diagnostic, medical and pharmaceutical analysis needs. Anacura is the symbiosis of several divisions that have a single common goal: providing high-quality analytical services in the field of healthcare.

Having all of the divisions united on a single site represents a true milestone in our group’s existence, one that calls for a brand-new name. 
A name with a promise. A name that links the divisions together, as well as with their customers and partners.

And that’s why we’ve chosen the name Anacura: ‘Ana’ because analysis is our core businesses, and ‘Cura’ because curing is the other.

With the Anacura group, it is our goal to continue offering you our current services, which combine high quality with a personal approach. Moreover, we will be developing a set of new services for the healthcare sector.

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