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The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer

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Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium

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The EORTC is all about science and progress in cancer care

Over 50 years ago, visionary leaders in cancer medicine realized that advancement of patient management requires solid understanding of the disease and biology, vigorous testing of novel treatments, and interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange beyond state boundaries. This remains true today, and is even more important as we move into an era of personalized medicine.

Platforms for molecular testing are needed to profile each patient’s tumor. Novel tools and imaging methods allow for adequate and early evaluation of the treatment effect. The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) is well positioned to provide the needed network and infrastructure to advance science and new treatments. The EORTC Headquarters staff is eager to contribute and help, and we sincerely thank them here for their continued commitment.

Oncology has grown from small sub-disciplines of internal medicine, radiation therapy or surgery, respectively, to a large specialty of its own. The tremendous increase in knowledge, understanding, and treatment has led to organ-based specialization as is reflected in the EORTC Groups structure. As we move forward, interdisciplinarity, the integration of pharmacology, molecular biology, tumor immunology, and imaging, as well as transversal problem solving beyond organ-based medicine, are gaining increasing importance.

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