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VECT-HORUS is a biotechnology company founded in 2005 by Alexandre TOKAY, CEO & Chairman, and Michel KHRESTCHATISKY, Scientific Counsel. The Company exploits inventions and technologies developed by the UMR 7259 laboratory of the CNRS and Aix–Marseille University (AMU) as well as its own inventions. The company has 27 employees, 13 of which are scientists, working on 4 technological platforms: Genetic Engineering, Cellular Models, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology.

VECT-HORUS’ activities are focused in the area of drug delivery to the brain and other tissues (e.g. cancers). Indeed, the brain vascular system prevents the passage of more than 98% of the drugs developed to date and is thus called the blood-brain barrier (BBB). It represents a real technological barrier to brain delivery of imaging agents and drugs developed to treat serious brain diseases (Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, stroke, brain tumours, etc.).

 VECT-HORUS has developed its VECTRans® technological platform, unique in Europe, for the development of molecular "vectors" that facilitate the transport to the brain of drugs or imaging/diagnostic agents. By combining pharmaceutical agents to its peptide-vectors designed to target specific receptors, VECT-HORUS promotes delivery of these agents to target cells or organs and allow them to cross natural barriers such as the BBB that significantly impede brain delivery. The transport of molecules by receptors (receptor mediated transport or RMT) is now considered the most effective and safest way to by-pass the BBB. The highly specific and stable vectors identified and validated by VECT-HORUS are protected by several families of patents and patent applications. Some of these patents are already issued in Europe, USA, Eurasia, etc.

Based on its potential to target specific receptors, notably those that are found at high levels in some pathological tissues, the Company is also targeting cancers and especially pancreatic cancer where there is a high unmet medical need.  

VECT-HORUS is also a partner for Pharma and Biotech companies, offering its know-how to transport their drugs to the brain and other organs.

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VECT-HORUS designs and develops vectors that facilitate the addressing of therapeutic or imaging agents to target organs, including the brain. By combining agents to its vectors developed to specifically target various receptors, VECT-HORUS allows these agents to more easily cross natural barriers (first and foremost the blood brain barrier) which reduce access to their target regions: brain, organs, tissues, tumours, etc. Vectors developed by VECT-HORUS are protected by several families of pending or issued patents.

Created in 2005, VECT-HORUS is a spin-off of the NICN laboratory, UMR7259 (CNRS and Aix Marseille University), headed by Dr Michel KHRESTCHATISKY. Its co-founders are Alexandre TOKAY, CEO, and Michel KHRESTCHATISKY, Scientific Advisor. The company employs 27 collaborators, mainly in R&D.


VECT-HORUS is one of the 15 ‘success stories’ among 1,000 companies spun off CNRS laboratories. Press here to download the Press kit: httpwww2.cnrs.frpressecommunique3837.htm

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