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Current Experience

  • Pharmaceutical Consultant

    Since August 2016

Past Experience

  • Technology transfer engineer

    May 2017 --- July 2017
    the objective of this project was to transfer production of an assay component from one supplier to another supplier. the Technology transfer Engineer has been acting as a communicating agent between different entities of biocartis (Operations, qa and supply) and has been writing the Technology transfer Documentation. the envisioned supplier was audited and was found inappropriate to host the process. the project was stopped.

  • Quality Assurance Associate

    October 2016 --- May 2017
    helped out with a Software transition of johnson & johnson's Quality Management System (pqms to trackwise). joined the complaint oversight group. our duties included: - assessing incoming complaints - sending out tasks to the Manufacturing sites for investigation of the complaints - verifying whether the complaint investigations complied with johnson & johnson's procedures

  • Junior Process Engineer

    January 2016 --- July 2016
    umicore is a global material science company. as a part of umicore's R&D department, issues coming from the business units are being tackled on Lab scale. Lab scale designed solutions are then up-scaled on pilot scale and later implemented in production. the projects i have been working on range from hydro-metallurgy (electrorefining of copper, leaching of blast furnace speiss) and pyro-metallurgy (smelting of silver scrap).

  • Research Intern in Minerals and Mining

    October 2014 --- June 2015
    rare earth metals are essential in a number of Applications such as superconductors, lasers, catalysts and magnets. extraction and Purification of rare earths from ores is complex and comprises nowadays in industry of multiple extractors in series. my project consisted of the improvement of the leaching, extraction and Purification of rare earths starting from ore. microfluidic extraction was investigated next to the conventional bulk extraction. the high surface to volume ratio of microchips resulted in better extraction kinetics compared to bulk extraction. this resulted in a new way of gaining heavy rare earth elements.

  • Research Intern in Food Chemistry

    June 2013 --- July 2013
    the determination of polyphenolic compounds in flax, juniper and cardamom extracts was carried out using folin-ciocalteu reagent. this reagent oxidizes phenolic structures into quinones, which can be detected spectrophotometrically. the total scavenging capacity of flax, juniper and cardamom extracts was determined using dpph (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl). dpph is a free radical colour bearing Molecule which loses its colour when losing its radical. thus, the more scavenging capacity of the extract, the less coloured the sample became. the concentration of flax seed extract charging 50% scavenging was searched and compared with data from literature.

  • Research Intern in Organic Chemistry

    July 2012 --- September 2012
    chalcones are a class of natural compounds of rising interest due to Biological activities, such as anti-Cancer, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. my project consisted of the synthesis and characterisation of new 4-hydroxychalcones. this was done conducting a claisen-schmidt reaction using 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde and acetophenone derivatives as starting materials. crystallization techniques were applied to purify the product. single crystals were grown, using slow evaporation techniques and anti-solvent nucleation techniques. the structure of the obtained chalcone was characterized by ftir and melting point. the atomic structure of a thick single crystal was analyzed with x-ray diffraction. afterwards, reaction with formaldehyde under basic conditions was conducted to obtain a trihydroxy substituted chalcone, the prepolymer. many efforts were done to polymerize the prepolymer, which would result in a polyether. Polymerization didn’t occur finally.


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  • Master of Science (MS) in Bio-engineering from Ghent University in 2014

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  • Yes

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