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Current Experience

  • Transfer production coordinator
    Since October 2016
    - Implementation of new products at the production department. - Improvement of production processes. - Review and revision of procedures and protocols. ISO 13485.

Past Experience

  • QC Officer
    January 2015 --- September 2016
    IVD for detection of infectious pathogens both qualitatively and quantitatively by qPCR. -Validation primer/probe for IVD kit. -Validation DNA and RNA extraction control. -Review and revision of procedures and protocols. ISO 13485. -Stability studies.

  • Sr Clinical Laboratory Scientist
    October 2010 --- April 2014
    - Led the establishment of the Clinical Service Testing platform (equipment and team). - Coordinated clinical testing projects and communication with the customers. - Responsible for QC of incoming material and reagent. - Updated the SOP’s and training of staff accordingly. - Implementation of LIMS system, sample and data management.

  • Associate Scientist
    October 2006 --- September 2010
    - Development and improvement of DNA extraction from tissue and plasma. - Optimization of qPCR for identification of DNA methylation pattern. - Preparation of SOP’s for ISO 9001 certification. - Transfer/validation of service testing lab from Amsterdam to Liège.

  • Technician
    April 2003 --- November 2005
    - Transfer of lab from the EMBL-Germany to Sweden. - Initiate cell cultures, cloning, protein expression and purification. - Coordination of installation and maintenance for all equipment.

  • Technician
    June 1998 --- June 1999
    - Extraction of RNA from human fat tissue biopsies, from individuals with type-2 diabetes. - mRNA extractions and amplification of cDNA by RT-PCR. - Cloning and expression of specific genes involved in the insulin-signaling pathway.

  • Technician
    January 1994 --- June 1998
    - Screening of various expressions system, cloning and expression of membrane proteins. - FPLC- and HPLC purification. - 2D and 3D Crystallization. - Training of PhD students in the above techniques.

  • Technician
    December 1992 --- December 1993
    - TWAR antibody detection by micro-immunofluorescence technique. - ELISA - Immuno-electrophoresis - Report and support to medical staff.


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  • Licentiate degree in Protein-Carbohydrate interactions from Chalmers tekniska högskola in 2002
  • University Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology in Microbiology from Uppsala universitet in 1992

Training and Certification

  • Data Management for Clinical Research Certification
  • Design and interpretation of Clinical Trials Certification
  • Drugs and the Brain Certification
  • Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression Certification
  • SAS programming for Clinical trials Certification


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Area / Region

Liège, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes