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Current Experience

  • Technical Leader Donstiennes, Thuin, Belgium
    Since June 2015

    • Quality control of raw materials ensuring that specifications and protocols are met

    • Stability studies of Active Pharmaceutical ingredients and drug Products

    • Development, qualification and validation of analytical methods following customers needs and according to the compendial regulations (ICH, USP, Eur.Pharm)

    • Review and approval of specifications, protocols, methods and reports

    • Handle change requests and investigate out of specification/trend results

    • Coordinate studies between customers and laboratory, preparation of practical work

    • Contribute to audit as technical expert

    • People management, handing out/organisation of workload, conduct appraisals of team members (5 people)


Past Experience

  • Senior scientist in physical chemistry Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium
    January 2006 --- March 2015

    • Coordinate and supervise activities within the physical chemistry laboratory

    • Perform analysis on research and development compounds (pKa, thermodynamic solubility, kinetic solubility, stability, lipophilicity, polarimetry)

    • Responsible for providing quality data and writing of protocols and reports

    • Interpret results with a strong analytical mindset

    • Implement and follow-up of new lab processes increasing throughput and reducing cycle times

    • Propose and implement various technologies in line with project needs and strategy

    • Contribute to medicinal chemistry projects by delivering solutions in a timely fashion

    • Train and mentor laboratory staff in a variety of analytical techniques and supervise student dissertations


  • Research scientist in solid states Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium
    September 2001 --- January 2006

    Main Job Purpose:


    • Participate to solid states Characterization by providing and analyzing experimental data


    Duties and Responsibilities:


    • Growing of single-crystal for X-ray measurement, use of different technologies to answer specific question such as ‘enantiomeric’ attribution, crystal packing, H-bonding, position of ionization

    • Characterization of solid states of compounds in research and development (crystal shape, polymorphism, 3D configuration, determination of conformation,…) and writing of internal memo

    • Providing in-house crystallographic and calorimetric analyses to support salt selection, polymorphism studies, synthetic route selection

    • Managing the collaboration and financial aspects with the FUNDP regarding X-Ray powder diffraction and single-crystal X-Ray diffraction

    • Achieving of the first Co-crystal within UCB

    • Development of 'Kibron' technology (determinatin of critical micellear concentration), automation of measurement with electro mechanic team

  • Responsible for quality control Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium
    August 2000 --- September 2001

    Main Job Purpose:


    • Manage the QC- raw materials -activities (team management and release/validation of raw materials analysis)


    Duties and Responsibilities:


    • Responsible of the quality control raw materials release and of a team of 7 people

    • Review/validation of laboratory results for release and approval of raw materials batches

    • Capacity management of the raw materials QC team

    • Working under GMP standard (European pharmacopeia & USP)

    • Review and approval of GMP documentation

    • Settle out-of specification results


  • Formulation chemist Louvain-la-Neuve, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
    April 1999 --- July 2000

    Main Job Purpose:


    • Providing technical support for formulation development


    Duties and Responsibilities:


    • Provide technical Support in developing new formulated products of herbicides to be commercialized in the Europe/Africa regions

    • Preparation of different formulations and selection of best procedures (milling methodology, mixture,..) & composition (excipient, anti-foaming agent, …)

    • Characterization of the formulation by physico-chemical testing following standards operating procedures and methods available in the lab. Work under Good laboratory practice standard


  • Research and teaching responsibility Namur, Belgium
    January 1996 --- March 1999


    • Teaching assistant: overseeing practical chemistry and experimental laboratory activities

    • Partnership with ‘Synthelabo’ research aiming for the implementation of a database describing molecular similarity of functional groups

    • Collaboration with UCB Pharma : lipophilicity scale study (logP, log Kiam, log Kw) of triazine compounds



Self Assessment :
Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP)Analytical ChemistryDrug DiscoveryDrug DevelopmentAnalytical Method ValidationQuality AuditingFormulationsolid statesPhysical ChemistryICHGLP hit finding


  • Master in Chemistry from FUNDP in 1996

Training and Certification

  • prince II foundation in 2015 Certification


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  • Yes