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I have received a master’s degree (cum laude) at the University of Antwerp in the field of Biomedical Sciences with a major in Molecular Imaging and a minor in Drug Research And Development (which entails the various and extensive processes concerning (pre)clinical drug development, clinical conduct  and protocol development).

I therefore have a very broad and extensive knowledge of Imaging topics and all medical domains.
I am additionally familiar with FDA/EMA regulations and also possess a theoretical and practical knowledge of GMP, GLP, GCP –ICH and clinical (management) conduct.

Furthermore, I am trilingual as I speak and write Dutch, French and English (and am at the current moment studying German). I am also very computer savvy (Microsoft Office, Matlab, sharepoint, autohotkey, etc.).

I am assertive, sociable, punctual, orderly and stress resistant which explains why deadlines are no problem for me.
Additionally I am a very eager and fast learner with an analytical mindset and a preference to problem solving.


Current Experience

  • Site Support Associate
    Since October 2014

  • Borser
    Since June 2014

Past Experience

  • Jobstudent: Productie Operator, Wasser
    August 2013 --- August 2013

  • Jobstudent: Administratief, magazijnier, bezorger
    July 2013 --- July 2013

  • Ober
    March 2012 --- May 2012

  • Jobstudent: Administratief
    August 2010 --- September 2010

  • Jobstudent: Administratief
    July 2010 --- July 2010

  • Jobstudent: Logistiek
    July 2008 --- July 2009

  • Jobstudent: Ober, Keukenhulp, Afwasser
    September 2008 --- May 2009


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molecular biologyCell CulturePCRWestern BlottingBiochemistryCell biologyscienceResearchLifesciencesMicroscopyELISAGel ElectrophoresisMicrobiologyGeneticsStatistics


  • Master's degree in Biomedische wetenschappen (Biomedical Sciences) from Universiteit Antwerpen in 2014
  • in from Koninklijke lyceum Antwerpen in 2008


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Area / Region

Antwerpen, België


Driving License
  • Yes