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I am an open-minded, friendly and resourceful researcher. I’m honest and punctual, I work well in a team but also on my own as I like to set myself goals which I will achieve. I have good listening and communication skills. I posses an excellent ability to motivate others, coupled with the ability to communicate comfortably at all levels, therefore ensuring an excellent working environment for all members of the team to perform at their bests. I am well organized and always plan ahead to make sure I manage my time well.


Past Experience

  • Senior Scientist Biology and in vitro Pharmacology Diepenbeek, Belgium
    July 2011 --- November 2015
    Responsible for setup, validation and management of biochemical and cellular in vitro assays required for in vitro pharmacology of kinase inhibitors to unravel the mechanism of action new therapeutics focused on lung, eye and bowel diseases. Responsible for internal in vitro cell culture studies and stability assays - Leading screening of Amakem compounds in internal available cellular based assays - Literature search for new techniques – targets – assays - Setting-up new cellular assays for screening of compounds (new primary cells, new analysis methods) and validation of new assays - Setting-up new analysis techniques for e.g. PK samples - Analysis of all internal obtained data, reporting and presenting to VP R&D Managing the daily activities of 3 technicians and associate scientists. Follow-up external in vitro/stability studies with academic collaborators (KULeuven, IBD-UGent Kyoto JP, University of Aachen, DE)

  • Postdoctoral Researcher Liège, Belgium
    September 2007 --- June 2011
    Identification and evaluation of inhibitors of angiogenesis suitable for the treatment of angiogenesis and/or lymphangiogenesis- related diseases such as cancer. Biochemical and molecular biological techniques, several in vitro and in vivo cancer models including in vivo imaging (intravital microscopy, bioluminescent in vivo imaging.

  • Fellowship Turku, Finland
    August 2007 --- September 2007
    The role of vascular adhesion protein 1 (VAP-1) in the recruitment of myeloid cells into the tumor and its effect on tumor angiogenesis. Molecular biological techniques (ELISA, qRT-PCR), cell culture (flow cytometry), immunohistochemistry, mouse tumor models, intravital microscopy.

  • PhD student Maastricht, The Netherlands
    September 2003 --- September 2007
    Investigated the relationship between angiogenesis and the immune system in cancer. Cell biological techniques (cell culture, flow cytometry, cell isolation from tissues, leukocyte adhesion assays), in vivo tumor growth models, intravital microscopy, immunohistochemistry, molecular cell biological techniques such as RNA-DNA isolations from cells and tissues, real time qRT-PCR and Western blots.

  • Technician Maastricht, Netherlands
    September 2002 --- August 2003
    Project: Improving immunotherapy by using inhibitors of angiogenesis. Investigate the effects of different angiostatic treatments and immunotherapy in mouse tumor models and their effect on leukocyte tumor infiltration. Techniques included cell culture, flow cytometry in vivo studies and immunohistochemistry.

  • Technician
    November 2001 --- August 2002
    Quality control of different raw materials in the nutrition industry


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityAnalytical thinkingAttention to detailCollaborationCoordinationCreative thinkingCritical thinkingCuriosityEfficiencyFlexibilityInterest in knowledgeOrganizationProblem solvingSociability


LinkedIn Assessment :
Cell CultureELISACellIn VitroFlow CytometryIn VivoImmunohistochemistryCancerpharmacologyR&DImmunologyAngiogenesisOphthalmologyMolecular & Cellular Biologyreal-time PCRPrimary Cell IsolationMicroscopyinflammatory bowel disease

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Create SOPs Analyze data Control data Develop protocols Guide students Interpret data Receptor Pharmacology Report data Search literature on clinical trials Write papersAdjust processes and methodsAdjust processes Adverse event reportingAttend seminarsBiomarker ResearchCollaborate with project teamCollect dataConduct research at universitiescoordinating research projectsCreate SOPsData validationDesign scientific projects (in biology)Direct co-workersExecute scientific projectsGastrointestinal diseasesInteract with CROsInteract with pre-clinical scientistslifescienceManage laboratory proceduresmanaging a small teamManuscript preparation and reviewOral presentationPrepare final reportPresent data at congressProtocol managementPublication of articlesReview data interpretationSetup of research equipmentSupervise PhD studentsSupervise technicians


  • Master’s Degree in Biology (major physiology-biochemistry) from University of Antwerp in 0


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Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Professional Proficiency

Area / Region

Bilzen, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes