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previously downstream bioprocess specialist at univercells (dsp)  (gosselies) and senior Scientist in the Bio-industry department from gxabt/ulg where i finished a two year project in industrial Microbiology  , i  just  completed  a University certificate in Food Science & food quality monitoring at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine  (ulg-formalim).
i worked as team Leader purification and Protein Engineering for almost 13 years at zentech, a small company specialized in ELISA/ria development and several months as Associate Scientist purification at thrombogenics.

i have the skills to plan and conduct experiments in the field of:



i believe in Teamwork and combining skills with other professionals to accomplish goals and to complete projects. 

                     objective: seeking a position as Scientist or senior Associate Scientist: "protein specialist purification in downstream Process development "(akta explorer 100 and purifier)/upstream process in industrial Microbiology (Fermentation: batch, fed batch, perfusion) and Cell Culture. i have sound knowledge in Proteins purification and Characterization studies development.

managing multi-disciplinary projects in the fields: Risk Management (doe, fmeca),purification, enzymology, Fermentation, Cell Culture, industrial Microbiology and scaling up.

design and Validation of immunological essays (ELISA /ria).

feel free to get in touch or back in touch! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Past Experience

  • University Certificate in Food Science & Food Quality Monitoring Sart-Tilman, Liège, Belgium

    January 2016 --- July 2016
    • microbiological analyses of foodstuffs (ISO 7218:2007/ 17025; ce n°2073/2005 & n°853/2004).
    • monitoring product / pesticides residues in foodstuffs by HPLC / ELISA dir 96/23/ce, dec 2002/657/ce
    • Training: federal agency for safety of Food chain (fasfc/afsca) / quality Partner.
    • HACCP, iso22000

  • Downstream Bioprocess Specialist Gosselies, Charleroi, Belgium

    June 2015 --- December 2015
    • downstream bioprocess specialist -univercells (gosselies).
    • responsibilities 
      development of Purification processes for the production of Proteins/influenza Virus (vero cells) directly from icellis 500 single-use bioreactor (pall).
    • high density of cho cells in perfusion by atf/tff.
    • accomplishments 
      clarification and tff with batch/constant diafiltrations (spectrum: kmpi tff system: krosfio® minikros® pilot i) of influenza Virus harvest a (h1n1). 
    • development of influenza Virus / Antibodies Purification processes on akta pure 25.
    • development of single-use manifolds, disposable bags welded by biowelder tc (sartorius).

    skills used 
    Protein/Virus Purification: akta pure 25, tff, clarification, Cell Culture, single use devices, qc

  • R&D Senior Scientist Gembloux, Belgique

    April 2012 --- December 2014

    - inovabiom project: methane production by anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic biomass .

    - using a box behnken design (bbd) to study the effect of various cryoprotectants on the methanogenic potential of a bacterial consortium submitted for a freezing step in lyophilization.

    - optimization of cellulase production in batch Fermentation by bacillus subtilis.

    - using Flow Cytometry to measure viability of anaerobic microbial consortia.

    - upstream & Downstream processing.

    - anaerobic and aerobic Fermentation.

    - industrial Microbiology.

    - Flow Cytometry; - Protein Purification; - enzymology

  • Senior Associate Scientist Purification

    January 2010 --- May 2010
    Protein Purification (akta explorer, purifier)

  • Team leader purification and protein engineering Angleur, Liège, Belgique

    January 1997 --- December 2009

    recent developments of my work are focused on different fields of Sciences namely


    scale-up of industrially appropriate processes (max capacity : 2000l ; bacillus subtilis, stearothermophilus , thuringiensis, yarrowia lipolytica, saccharomyces cerevisiae, streptomyces, e coli, pseudomonas thermoactinomyces intermedius.. ).


    development of Purification processes for the production of Proteins (akta explorer 100 and purifier): ion exchange (iex), affinity, hic, imac, rpc Chromatography, multimodal chromatographic separation, cim: convective interaction media for the rapid Chromatography for large bio-molecules viral vectors and viral Vaccines, tangential ultra-filtration…..+ stability optimisation (antibodies , conjugates, Proteins…) + SDS-PAGE, ief.


    -blood Proteins: elastase, cathepsin g, myeloperoxidase, pr3…..


    -plasma Proteins: albumine, facteur viii, vwf, antibodies ; b2 glycoprotein. -other Proteins: thyroperoxidase (tpo) , thyrotropin and thyrotropin receptor, streptavidin, lipase, phosphatase, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, DNA, RNA, nucleosome, gangliosides, Purification of diaphorase i and phenylalanine dehydrogenase after Fermentation of thermoactinomyces intermedius and bacillus stearothermophilus (cwbi).



  • Assistant

    January 1995 --- January 1997
    industrial Microbiology, Fermentation, Purification + scaling up

  • Teacher in biochemistry and chemistry (biomedical school)

    January 1993 --- January 1993
    sept1993 -->dec1994 : aess in Biochemistry (ulg)

  • Assistant pharmacology

    May 1991 --- August 1992
    R&D in pharmacology (RNA Purification)

  • Assistant

    September 1991 --- March 1992
    industrial Microbiology, Fermentation, Purification and scaling up of processes.

  • Military services

    November 1990 --- August 1991
    working at the central Pharmacy


LinkedIn Assessment :
Protein PurificationEnzyme AssaysEnzyme KineticsMicrobiologyFermentation TechnologyELISARIAscaling upUpstream & Downstream processingDownstream processingImmunologyBiotechnologyImmunoassaysFermentationSDS-PAGECell CultureBiochemistryProtein chemistryPurificationChromatography

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Create SOPs Guide students Lab scale batchesAdjust processes and methodsAnalyze proteinAseptic processingAseptic techniquesCell cultureChemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) activitiescollaborate in research projects at universitiesConduct research at universitiesDesign inclusion criteriaDesign scientific experimentsDevelop extraction methodsEvaluate impurity identificationInterpret analytical resultsmanaging a small teamPilot scale batchesPlan experimentsR&D


  • Biochemist ; AESS in Biochemistry in Biochemistry from Université de Liège in 1994
  • Msc in Nuclear Science from Université de Liège in 1990
  • Msc in Biochemistry from Université de Liège in 1989

Training and Certification

  • A two days specific training Biowin: Risk management (CEFOCHIM) in 2015 Certification
  • : A five days specific training BioWin: Management of projects + MS project (CEFOCHIM) in 2009 Certification
  • A two days specific training BioWin: Design of Experiments (20th and 21th November : CEFOCHIM) in 2008 Certification
  • : A two days specific training BioWin: Validation of analytical methods (25th and 26th Oct CEFOCHIM) in 2007 Certification
  • A two days specific training BioWin: cGMP (14th and 15th March : CEFOCHIM) in 2007 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
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Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

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  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    100% FTE
  • International:


    Expert has 1 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Ans, Belgique


Driving License
  • Yes

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