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Engineer Senior research scientist Author of peer-reviewed articles Teacher


Past Experience

  • Secondary School Teacher
    January 2015 --- June 2015
    Second and third grade secondary school: - Chemistry - Biology - Natural sciences

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow Neuroimmunology
    September 2013 --- December 2014 Topics: Development of a risk stratification algorithm for drug-induced JC virus reactivation, resulting in progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy; Construction, evaluation and screening of a human spinal cord cDNA phage display library for antibody biomarkers in spinal cord injury Tasks: Develop and optimize assays to monitor JCV-specific B and T cell responses, Supervision PhD student, project management, biomarker discovery for PML development and spinal cord injury

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow Molecular biology
    October 2011 --- August 2013 Topics: Identification and characterization of potential upstream regulators of TORC2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Crosstalk between major growth controlling pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Optimization of auxin-induced protein depletion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, The yeast STRIPAK protein complex Tasks: Research and technology development, supervision of PhD and master students

  • PhD student, Biochemistry
    October 2006 --- April 2011
    Topic: Role of the yeast PDK1 orthologs (Pkh1-3) in nutrient signaling Supervisor: Prof. Dr. J.M. Thevelein Funding: fellowship from the agency for innovation by Science and Technology (IWT)

  • Research engineer (summer job)
    September 2006 --- September 2006
    Project: Isolation and identification of biotensides produced out of recyclable oils and fats Supervisor: Dr. Ir. I. Cornet, Dr. P. Vanderauwera Funding: BOF

  • Research engineer (summer job)
    August 2005 --- September 2005
    Project: Applied proteomics on industrial and potential industrial fermentations Supervisor: Drs. Ir. I. Cornet, Dr. P. Vanderauwera Funding: BOF-UA


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Biochemistrymolecular biologyqPCRVector NTIProtein PurificationPCRBiotechnologyProteomicsIllustratorMicrosoft OfficePhotoshop ElementsGeneticsNorthern BlottingScientific WritingTeachingsiRNAHPLCprotein kinases/phosphatasesLipids (sphingolipids, aminophospholipids)Cell culture (mammalian, yeast, bacterial)FACSB and T cell immunologyNeuroimmunologyProject ManagementSpinal Cord InjuryPhage DisplayBiomarker DiscoveryMultiple sclerosisELISAElispotSPSSSAS jmpLife SciencesCellCell biologyCell CultureResearchChemistryEngineeringImmunologyWestern Blottingphostag western blotting


  • in Spanish from Centrum voor Levende Talen (CLT) in 2011
  • PhD student in Biochemistry from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2011
  • Master in molecular medical biotechnology in molecular biotechnology from Ghent University in 2006
  • Ing. Chemistry in chemical engineering from Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen in 2005

Area / Region

Hasselt, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes