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looking for new opportunities and new challenges as a Scientist or application/product specialist in biotech setting, CRO, Pharmaceutical company, or Medical Devices company. full time position, contracting or Consulting opportunities will be considered. cell: 215-407-4488 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - passion for Neuroscience especially ad, and strong interest in neovascular (pericyte and endothelial cells) and Cancer processes (i.e. akt pathways, caspases pathways). - full expertise in multiple and complex immunohisto- and Immunocytochemistry labeling, - advanced Immunoassays development and Problem Solving of existing and new Immunoassays protocols. - imaging. - antibody Validation. - molecular biology. - Biochemistry. - Proteomics including Protein isolation from tissues and cell cultures, LC-MS, and identification of Biomarkers. - Expert knowledge and use of Confocal Microscopy and In Vivo, In Vitro imaging using widefield, confocal, multiphoton (mp), and electron microscopy. - Expert skills in super-resolution microscopy (sted, gsdim,sim). - advanced experience in Cell Culture, including cell Transfection with fluorescent Proteins. - excellent Laboratory technical and Medical Devices Troubleshooting. - write application notes, posters, articles, and peered reviewed scientific papers. - good Laboratory practices, gmps. - management (medical, ph.d. students and technicians). - excellent learner of new approaches and avid learner of necessary techniques to achieve the scientific questions or client challenges. - efficient, reliable, and motivated. i enjoy working independently and as a team Member. - computer literate, with experience using pcs and macs, the Internet, Excel, PowerPoint, statview, graph pad instat and prism, profound, mascot, expasy, embl, ucsf ms-fit, adobe-Photoshop, image Analysis system (nih image Software), imagej, three-dimensional reconstruction of labeled cells.


Current Experience

  • Seeking new challenges!

    Since November 2014

Past Experience

  • Application Support, Product Specialist for microscopy (widefield,confocal), STED and GSD specialist

    May 2005 --- October 2012
    application support, product specialist and sted cw and tisa specialist (sample preparation, dye Testing, imaging), gsd, laser confocal scanning and widefield Microscopy, leica microsystems, inc. (danaher corp.), laser microdissection. - advanced support for our Sales division, leica users and dealers, and potential clients (demo) on our confocal and widefield microscopes. - sted microcopy imaging specialist. - sample preparations: animal or Cell preparation for Immunocytochemistry or Immunofluorescence labeling. Cell cultures Transfection for live Cell imaging. - provide advanced Training on fret, frap Applications on our confocal laser microscopes. - write application notes for our laser confocal users, and provide full support and Troubleshooting for hardware and Software problems to our users. - in 2005 i built and managed since our Laboratory facility.

  • Research Scientist

    July 2002 --- August 2004
    Pharmaceutical Research and development, department of Drug Discovery. research on microvascular related diseases and Cancer processes: experimental projects provided extensive experience in proteomic studies using lc/ms including profiling, fractionation, Purification and isolation using Electrophoresis (tris-glycine and tris-tricine gels), in-gel digestion and peptide mapping for Protein id. also, projects provided wide skills in Cell cultures and molecular biology.

  • Research fellow

    July 2000 --- July 2002
    . Research on Alzheimer's disease: molecular and cellular investigations in human tissues from patients with Alzheimer's disease and parkinson's disease. collect tissues and perform proteomic and immunocytochemical studies. also, Analysis of animal model of programmed Cell death, i.e., bulbotomy-induced apoptosis in adult rats. the project provided experience in proteomic study using proteinchip arrays and seldi system.

  • Research associate

    June 1998 --- June 2000
    experiments emphasized the neuroanatomical relation of the bnst within the extended amygdala. the project provided experience in neuroanatomical tracing as well as in double and triple labeling.

  • Post Graduate

    January 1994 --- January 1996
    i worked on delta-opioid receptors on the first Cell model expressing these receptors. the experiments were including immunolabeling either Fluorescence or immunoperoxidase and immunogold labeling for electron Microscopy imaging.

  • Master degree

    September 1990 --- September 1992
    cortical neurons responses to amino-acids in roden and primate with petit mal-like seizures: In Vivo,; intra- and extracellular recording. experiments emphasized the role of nmda receptors in generalized petit mal seizures. the project provided experience in electrophysiological techniques and animal surgical procedures (rat, monkey).


LinkedIn Assessment :
Protein ExpressionMass SpectrometryProtein PurificationHistologyImmunohistochemistry (IHC)Application specialistcustomers supportSTED CW, TCS-STED and GSD expert for sample preparation optimizationmolecular biologyCancerCellLife SciencesNeuroscienceIn VitroLifesciencesDigital ImagingImmunoassaysAssay developmentImmunologyFlow CytometryMedical DevicesAntibodiesDrug DiscoveryBiotechnologyBiomarkersProtein chemistryElectrophysiologyBiochemistryLaboratoryAnimal ModelsConfocal MicroscopyImmunocytochemistry (ICC)Cell CultureMicroscopyFluorescenceTransfectionFRETWestern BlottingPurificationImage AnalysisImagingSample PreparationProteomicsOptimizationPCRFluorescence MicroscopyCell biologyImmunofluorescenceRT-PCRTissue Culture


  • MS in Physiology in neurophysiology from University Pierre and Marie Curie in 1996
  • Ph.D in Biology and Neuroscience from University of Pierre and Marie Curie and UCSF in 1996

Area / Region

Chester Springs, PA 19425, United States


Driving License
  • Yes

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