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Lead for Platform technology development for Cell Line Engineering for Biosimilars and NBEs. Standardization of High throughput technologies in cell line development process like Clonepix FL, Clone select Imager. FACS, MaxCyte, Octet System, AMBR etc. Development of novel monoclonal antibodies by Hybridoma technology against various targets such as Cancer markers, Pro-inflammatory receptors, Lymphocyte surface markers, Viral proteins etc., Cell based assays like Reporter gene Assays, Receptor-Ligand binding assays, Antibody Neutralization assay, Antibody internalization assays, Cytotoxic assays, ADCC, CDC, Cytokine analysis and Flocytometric assays, Immunohistochemistry and Immunocytochemistry. Development and standardization of immunoassays like ELISA, SDS-PAGE, Immuno Blotting and Immunoprecipitation etc., The different types of ELISA like Indirect ELISA, Antibody mediates ELISA, Immunocapture ELISA (IC-ELISA), Blocking ELISA, Competitive ELISAs.


Current Experience

  • Senior Scientist
    Since October 2014
    Lead Platform technology development for Cell Line Engineering for biosimilars and Novel molecules. Integration of advanced and High throughput technologies in the Cell line development process.

Past Experience

  • Research associate
    January 2013 --- October 2014
    Cell line engineering and assay development

  • senior research associate
    July 2011 --- September 2012
    Hybridoma technology, Cell line development and asssay development

  • Research officer
    June 2008 --- July 2011
    Development of Immuno assays, Cell based assays, Mammalian Cell Culture, Hybridoma technology, Monoclonal Antibodies, Polyclonal Antibodies.


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Cell Based AssaysCell CultureMonoclonal AntibodiesELISAAntibodiesImmunologyCellSDS-PAGEMammalian Cell CultureTransfectionImmunohistochemistrymolecular biologyAssay developmentBiosimilarsFlow CytometryIn VitroCell biologyBiotechnologyImmunoassaysImmunoprecipitationBiochemistryFACSCancercell line development


  • M.Sc in biotechnology from Bharathidasan University in 2008

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