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Current Experience

  • Senior Researcher

    Since October 2014
    i´m conducting Research projects related to metabolomic and immune response changes in patientes of certain diseases. technical skills: LC-MS/ms (q-exactive) applied to metabolomic studies, GC-MS/ms (qqq) for metabolite quantitation, luminex technology. I´m conducting research projects related to metabolomic and immune response changes in patientes of certain diseases. Technical skills: LC-MS/MS (Q-exactive) applied to metabolomic studies, GC-MS/MS (QQQ) for metabolite quantitation, Luminex technology.

Past Experience

  • Senior Researcher

    February 2009 --- September 2014
    as Researcher in Protein alternatives, the main goal of the projects i managed was to discover new Protein Biomarkers using Protein Microarray technology, and to develop Immunoassays for early Cancer diagnosis. i also participated in several works when the company provided CRO services, gaining experience in customer Communication as specialist in Protein synthesis and Purification. during this years i was the main Researcher of proalt in the dendria consortium. technical skills: phage display technology, ELISA devolopement, Protein expresión in sf9 and Mammalian systems, Microarray technology, recombinant Antibodies selection and Purification.

  • Research Associated

    October 2005 --- October 2008
    Researcher in the field of plant Pathology. during this postdoc position, our group revealed new mechanisms for pathogen recognition and immune response of plants. my role was the management of a Research line in john rahtjen´s group in sainsbury Laboratory. i developed my Communication Skills in congresses, seminars and scientific articles. technical skills: rt-PCR, cloning, transient expression of Proteins in planta, Virus induced silencing of genes, plant transformation. immunoprecipitations, native and denaturing Electrophoresis, fplc Purification of Proteins, Purification of Antibodies, developing new Antibodies

  • Beca Predoctoral

    January 2000 --- July 2005
    beca predoctoral de la universidad de salamanca (financiado por basf a.g.). investigador en el proyecto “trabajos de tecnología genética con ashbya gossypii” consistente en la selección y mejora por ingeniería genética de las cepas utilizadas para la biosíntesis de vitamina b2 por la empresa basf en sus fermentadores industriales. habilidades desarrolladas. interacción industria-institución académica para proyectos de investigación aplicados. comunicación de mi trabajo en congresos, seminarios y artículos científicos. biología molecular: PCR, clonaje, mutagénesis dirigida, manipulación de hongos filamentosos y levaduras. southern y northern blot, screening en librerías de plásmidos. bioquímica: purificación de proteínas con fplc y afinidad, expresión of proteínas recombinantes en levadura y Bacteria, preparación de muestras para ms y cristalización. técnicas analíticas: HPLC, tlc, análisis de actividad enzimática.


LinkedIn Assessment :
Protein PurificationProtein EngineeringBiochemistryProtein ExpressionSite-directed MutagenesisWestern BlottingClinical researchRT-PCRmolecular biologyDNALife SciencesMolecular geneticsResearchCell CultureSequence AnalysisCancerImmunologyscienceBiotechnologyPCRCell Based AssaysAntibodiesPhage DisplayPurificationFPLCHPLCElectrophoresisImmunoprecipitationELISACell biology


  • PhD in Biochemistry from Universidad de Salamanca in 2005
  • Biochemistry in from University of Salamanca in 1999
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Universidad de Burgos in 1997

Area / Region

Madrid, Spain


Driving License
  • Yes

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