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“ medical Biotechnology and genetic engineering” is the field of my profession and academia. i have developed my skills and experience through working in a leading Research centers such “ life & brain center” in bonn, “institute of Immunology and Biotechnology“ , “ institute of experimental Medicine“, pharmacotherapy and Pathology department“ at the school of Medicine, University of pecs. specialties: • Gene expression • Cell & Tissue Culture technologies • generation and differentiation of pluripotent Stem Cells (human esc and ipsc mouse esc and episc) • Cell based High-throughput screening and Drug Discovery • developing 3d tissue engineerd for transplantation and as model disease • Immunoassays development and lentiviral production • project design and monitoring my objective is to build-up a developing Career in a reputable biopharmaceutical company, or specialized Research centers, in a challenging position, to improve my skills and experience, to satisfy my ambitions, and to create an outstanding outcome to my employer. contact me directly to discuss how i can positively impact your organization: +38649323575 feel free to connect with me on linkedin using my email address:


Current Experience

  • Scientist (Trainee)

    Since April 2013
    differentiation of human pluripotent Stem Cells to neural progenitors evaluate the quality of human psc cultures establish neural aggregates from human psc cultures culture adherent neural aggregates identify and select neural rossettes contaning CNS-type progenitor cells stemdiff neural induction system Sourcing, long-lasting and stability of neural progenitor cells using stemdiff neural induction system Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Neural Progenitors Evaluate the quality of human PSC cultures Establish neural aggregates from human PSC cultures Culture adherent neural aggregates Identify and select neural rossettes contaning CNS-type progenitor cells STEMdiff Neural induction System Sourcing, long-lasting and stability of neural progenitor cells using STEMdiff Neural induction System

Past Experience

  • Expert employed in drug quality control

    August 2014 --- July 2015
    division of Immunology -vaccine Quality Control

  • Graduate Student Research Assistant

    September 2010 --- January 2013
    harvested tissue specific, hematopoietic cells, expended in culture media performed Cell culturing, developing primary tissues and 3d tissue scaffold based cartilage, lung, and thymic tissue engineered, developed tissue model diseases cartilage and chondrocyte Cell suspension implantation, trials in human patients ips Cell reprogramming used, lyposomes, plasmid, and viral vectors performed hybridoma technique for large scale monoclonal antibody productions high titer lentiviral production, used 293 affinofile cells immunnized mice by antigen presenting to dc, resulted in synchronous activation of dc, b, t cells and machrophages developed cd8 t Cell receptor knock out (ko) mice, normal c57bl/6, as mice could be adoptably immunized In Vivo and In Vitro study of t Cell receptors maturation, highly depended on stroma Cell interaction selectively studied Protein kinase,i.e Protein kinase delta in thyroid Cancer

  • Summer Intern

    May 2012 --- August 2012
    provided hands on Training in Cell live imaging accessing the state- of –the- art microscopy and imaging equipments; nikon tirf-2 system placed on a fully automated eclipse ti-e inverted Research Microscope, equipped with 4 lasers, a tokai hit stage environmental chamber, an andor ixon camera and high-end nikon objectives, used to study signaling pathways in living neurons and glia. fn1 Microscope, fixed-stage eclipse, equipped with a c1 confocal head and 3 lassers., used to combine whole-Cell patch-clamp. a1r+ , fully-automated confocal imaging system, capable of capturing high-quality confocal images of cells and molecular events at high speed and enhanced sensitivity, used in study of In Vitro wound model based on the co-culture of human dermal microvascular endothelial cells and human dermal fibroblasts n-storm, super-resolution digital Microscope system that combines “stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy” technology and nikon's eclipse ti Research inverted Microscope. it differs from conventional Fluorescence Microscopy in that it does not observe all the fluorescently labeled molecules on the sample at the same time, but activates only a very low percentage at any one given time., used in study of cytoskeletal dynamic rearrangements

  • Graduate student

    October 2011 --- November 2011
    practical course on genome sequencing technologies; traditional DNA sequencing technologies; chemical sequencing sanger sequencing high-throughput sequencing methods; solexa/illumina: reversible terminator method helicos: single Molecule sequencing 454/roche: pyrosequencing method solid/abi: supported oligo ligation method the whole genome sequencing of propionibacterium acnestype ib strain 6609 performed by solid sequencing technology

  • clinical microbiologist

    June 2009 --- October 2009
    performed medium cooking, sterling, culturing medias with urine, blood, wound samples, reported results under supervision. after just 3 months in the role, i was prompted to a position Microbiologist joint staff in Microbiology clinics supervised successfully a team of 4 technicians, reciprocal cooperation reflected on increased staff performance


LinkedIn Assessment :
Cell CultureImmunologyCell biologyBiochemistryBiotechnologymolecular biologyIn VitroPharmaceutical IndustrypharmacologyGeneticsSignal TransductionLifesciencesGene therapyClinical researchMicrobiologyStem CellsHistologyPathologyVirologyIn VivoTissue CultureBioinformaticsProject ManagementCancer GenomicspharmagenomicsFISH techniquein vitro drug screeningMonoclonal AntibodiesPersonalized Medicinecancer drugsCellProtein chemistryDrug DiscoveryCancer ResearchImmunoassaysHigh Throughput ScreeningBiopharmaceuticalsClinical trialsAssay developmentELISACancerProtein PurificationGenomicsBiomarkersqPCRDNA sequencingDrug DevelopmentFluorescenceDNAProteomics


  • Masters in Medical Biotechnology from School of Medicine, Pecs University in 2012

Training and Certification

  • Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship in 0000 Certification
  • Drugs and the Brain in 0000 Certification
  • Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 0000 Certification

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Driving License
  • No

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