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I am a Senior Research Scientist / (assistant) project leader with 30 years of experience with scientific research projects at universities and a large global pharmaceutical company specialized in veterinary vaccines. My large technical knowledge and skills include veterinary parasitology, biochemistry, immunology, cell biology and in vivo research. I also have been involved in product development, quality control development and registration studies, where my organizational talents proved to be very useful. These activities have generated a number of unique veterinary parasitical vaccines, patents and scientific publications. Finally, I have over 15 years of experience with laboratory management and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), coaching and leading a team of 10 people. I am at my best in an organization focused on fundamental or applied research. contact:


Past Experience

  • Senior Research Scientist
    May 1990 --- January 2014

    Development of classical subunit and recombinant veterinary vaccines against parasites e.g. recombinant Boophilus microplus vaccine, subunit Babesia canis vaccine (Nobivac®Piro), 2nd generation recombinant Babesia canis vaccine, subunit Babesia rossi vaccine, recombinant Babesia divergens vaccine. Development of in vitro culture systems, both stationary and small scale fermentor, for parasites e.g. Babesia canis, Babesia rossi or Babesia divergens to produce antigens. Design of large scale production systems for the cultivation of parasites and transfer to responsible production departments. Purification and standard biochemical analysis of both native and recombinant antigens, using e.g. IEF, SDS PAGE, preperative IEF, SDS PAGE, Western blotting, precipitation or chromatography techniques. Identification of novel vaccine candidates using mass spectrometry (MS/MS). Responsible for preparation and optimization of vaccine formulations, vaccine stability studies for registration purposes, vaccine component analysis. Setup of animal studies for efficacy or GLP safety, antigen titration studies. Data analysis of in vivo studies and reporting studies to management. Design of Quality Control (QC) assays (ELISA, Alpha-ELISA) for antigen production and product release or antibody titer determination. Transfer of assays to responsible QC departments. Development of cell biological assays eg inhibition assay, TLR reporter gene assays, LST assays, cytokine assays or in vitro feeding assay of tick larvae. Collaboration with research groups in France, South Africa and Mexico. Guidance and supervision of both local and foreign students.

  • Head laboratories Parasitology R&D
    January 1995 --- January 2010
    Leading a team of 10 people, responsible for coordination and implementation of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Safety, Health & Enviroment (SHE) policies. Maintenance of laboratories buildings and equipment, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Responsible for internal and external GLP/SHE audits. Contact person for internal and external departments/firms. Buyer and validation (IQ/OQ/PQ) of new equipment. Unification of GLP policy for R&D/D&T in collaboration with QA department.

  • Research Technician
    February 1988 --- May 1990
    Division of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases. PhD research project: Identification of putative hepatocyte receptors for Plasmodium falciparum.

  • Research Technician
    March 1987 --- February 1988
    Research project: Cell lineage research of the mouse embryonic endoderm.

  • Research Technician
    May 1984 --- March 1987
    Division of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases PhD research projects: * Molecular regulation of Fibrinogen and Albumin synthesis during the Acute Phase Response. * Regulation of pancreatic polypeptides.


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  • HLO (HBO-B) in Biochemical Technician from HMLS Oss in 1984
  • HLO (HBO-A) in Botanical Technician from STOVA Wageningen in 1980

Area / Region

Gennep, Netherlands


Driving License
  • Yes