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Current Experience

  • Senior Associate Scientist
    Since September 2005

    Development of optimized chemical processes for intermediates as well as final API on commercial scale for ED and FD projects. Development of crystallization processes for intermediates as well as for final API with regard to all physicochemical properties such as desired polymorph, desired particle size as well as final form selection.

    Development of these processes (screening, development, scale-up, transfer) is done within the timelines on one hand in a fully independent way and on the other hand in strong cooperation with all involved departments (pharmaceutical sciences, drug product development, chemical production). Profound knowledge of developing chemical reactions for transfer to full production for ED and FD processes as well as cooling, anti-solvent and evaporative crystallizations. Mastered techniques to improve particle shape/particle size of crystals include high shear milling, Ostwald cycling and in lesser extend the use of ultrasound.

    Profound knowledge in use of PAT (IR, Raman, FBRM, PVM), use of automated reactors (Mettler Toledo) as well as SEM, DSC, TGA, DVS, XRD,...

    Knowledge in downstream processes such as filtration, centrifugation, drying and milling (air classifier mill as well as jetmill)

    Notice of the development of drug product by direct compression and wet granulation


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityProblem solvingSelf-confidenceWillingness to compromiseIndividualityIndependenceFlexibilityEfficiencyCollaborationAttention to detailApproachabilityCritical thinking


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Process improvementChemistryCrystallizationchemical process development
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ChemistryCrystallizationPharmaceutical IndustryValidationR&DTechnology transferOrganic SynthesisOrganic ChemistryProcess improvement

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Lab scale batchesAPI synthesis route developmentCollaborate with project team Control dataTrain on site staffDevelopment of late-stage cGMP production processesDevelop ICH/GCP compliant processes


  • Bachelor's degree in Chemie/Scheikunde (Chemistry) from Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven in 2005

Training and Certification

  • Bachelor in de Chemie Certification


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Elementary Proficiency

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    Permanent position
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Turnhout, België


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  • Yes