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i hold a MSc. degree in chemistry by the University of valencia, besides a postgraduate degree in Analytical Chemistry. my Career has been focused in Analytical Chemistry and Lab stuff since 2006. i have worked in different areas (pharma, chemicals, plastics, environmental), both in Quality Control and in analytical development tasks. i worked not just with chromatographic devices, but some other techniques, such as Spectroscopy, dsc, malvern, and so on. i worked as a Health and safety officer from 2000 to 2006. on the other hand, i managed and supervised Lab staff duties, i prepared scientific papers, which were published, besides technical reports and congress Presentations. therefore, i reckon that my command of English is quite good. as personal achievements, Analytical methods were developed for trace chemicals in complex environmental matrices during my stage at the University of valencia. this Research activity resulted in two scientific papers and a congress presentation. furthermore, total invoicing of the chemical Laboratory was increased by 30% while at aimplas.


Current Experience

  • Técnico de laboratorio // Senior lab technician

    Barcelona, Spain
    Since February 2015

    qc tests of Pharmaceuticals (HPLC, UV, karl-fischer, malvern for particle size) according to GMP quality standards, management of out of specification oos results and customer complaints,

    QC tests of pharmaceuticals (HPLC, UV, Karl-Fischer, Malvern for particle size) according to GMP quality standards, management of out of specification OOS results and customer complaints,

Past Experience

  • Técnico de laboratorio / Laboratory supervisor Barcelona, Spain

    September 2014 --- January 2015

    support and supervision of Lab staff duties on technical issues, chemical Analysis of solid and solvent samples with different techniques (gc, HPLC, ir, UV, icp-oes). during my stage at panreac, i improved several skills on staff management. besides i learnt theoretical and practical Analysis with new techniques, such as icp-oes, for metal Analysis.

  • Analista laboratorio des. analítico / Analytical development lab assistant Barcelona, Spain

    March 2014 --- September 2014

    chromatographic and physico-chemical Analysis of drugs, cosmetics and personal care products stability samples with GMP quality standards (gc, HPLC, ir, UV).

  • Técnico en cromatografía-Químico analítico // Chromatography technician-Analytical chemist Valencia, Spain

    September 2010 --- May 2013

    development and Validation of new Analytical methods (GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS, gpc) with ICH guidelines. maintenance and calibration tasks. staff management. preparation of technical reports and quotations. customer assistance. in this position i learnt many important technical criteria about analytical development in gas and Liquid chromatography. i had to deal with situations in which many chores showed off simultaneously, and needed prioritizing. i could also manage a Lab team of four assistants, who were always encouraged and asked to do their best, and some occasional problems had to be faced and solved, in order to reach this goal, on the other hand, in this position i learnt many worthy technical issues about plastics industry, focused on plastic containers intended for Food contact. furthermore, i faced some difficult situations in which much pressure came from customers, and some deadlines had been established for delivery of results from customer orders.

  • Analista laboratorio control calidad // Quality control lab assistant Barcelona, Spain

    July 2009 --- August 2010

    chemical Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals (gc, HPLC, ir, UV, dsc, malvern) according to GMP standards. wastewater Analysis. in this position i learnt to work daily in a fast pace Laboratory which is controlled by a strict Quality System.

  • Supervisor laboratorio control calidad // Quality control lab supervisor Barcelona, Spain

    October 2008 --- June 2009

    release of raw material batches. approval of analytical dossiers. staff management. assistance to Laboratory incidences according to GMP standards. besides i could earn some skills, such as responsibility and concentration, which are essentially necessary for a position in which not many mistakes are accepted, resulting in much pressure on all daily chores. besides it was the first time that i worked daily with Pharmaceutical GMP quality standards.

  • Químico analítico // Analytical chemist

    September 2006 --- October 2008

    development and Validation of new Analytical methods (HPLC, GC-MS). maintenance and calibration tasks. preparation of technical reports and scientific papers. staff management. in this position i had to face real routine work with chromatographs, their maintenance Operations to get the best performance. i learnt the most common problems which may occur during chromatographic tests, and possible good solutions. besides i learnt the most basic principles on complex analytical development. on the other hand, this was my first experience as a Lab manager, some difficult situations were to be dealt with, and confrontation between each assistant was managed. last but not least, i learnt to prepare and organise English scientific papers, which were intended to be published in well-regarded scientific magazines.

  • Técnico en prevención de riesgos laborales // Health and Safety Officer

    October 2000 --- August 2006

  • Químico analítico Jr. // Analytical chemist Jr.

    February 1999 --- August 1999
    análisis cromatográfico de muestras industriales. esta fue mi primera experiencia en trabajo de laboratorio de análisis, en la que pude manejar por primera vez un equipo de análisis cromatográfico. además al contar con una beca erasmus para poder estudiar y colaborar en el extranjero, me sirvió para ver cómo se trabajaba en otro país europeo, y por supuesto me sirvió para mejorar mi nivel de inglés. chromatographic Analysis of industrial samples. this was my first experience as a Lab Technician in an analytical Laboratory. it was the first time that i worked with a chromatographic device. i had an erasmus scholarship to help me work and live abroad. i could learn how people work in a different country. besides my English got much better.


LinkedIn Assessment :
GestiCalibraciAcostumbrado a establecer prioridades entre diferentes tareas simultBuena disposiciAcostumbrado al trabajo en entornos regulados (GMP, ICH).Resoluci


  • Postgraduate degree in Analytical chemistry from Universidad de Valencia in 2008
  • Master degree in Chemistry from Universidad de Valencia in 2000


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Work Preferences

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    2 weeks
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    Analytical Chemist
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    Permanent position
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Area / Region

Barcelona, Spain


Driving License
  • No

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