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Past Experience

  • Doctoral Researcher in Veterinary Sciences

    January 2011 --- September 2015
    Research Scientist in Veterinary Virology and specifically in vector-borne emerging diseases. the topic of my current phd thesis is the evolution of the viral population of african horse sickness Virus (ahsv). ahsv is an infectious non contagious disease for all equids and is transmitted by biting midges of the culicoides genus. both morbidity and mortality are high (up to 95 %) with severe economic losses and ahsv is enzootic in sub-saharan africa. in the last decades, ahs outbreaks have occurred in southern europe with strong epizootic characteristics. a major concern is the risk of re-introduction of ahsv in european countries. indeed, the combination of different factors (climatic changes, increase of international trade and movement and the continuing genetic evolution resulting in new adaptation possibilities) increase the risk of introduction of ahsv in europe. scientifical skills • managed a project from the writing to the presentation of the results - to project authorities (conventions indevireq 1.0 and 2.0; belgian federal public service) - in scientific Publications • designed, developed and implemented Diagnostic methods in Veterinary Public Health • reviewed of the literature and synthetized information to give a scientific opinion - estimation of the risk of introduction of different vector-borne diseases in belgium • set up and developed an In Vivo model for the study of the infection with ahsv • applied good Laboratory practices and coordinated Logistics in bsl-2 and bsl-3 facilities. • participated to Teaching activities technical skills • molecular biology : RNA and DNA Purification, rt-PCR, qPCR, cloning, plasmid preparation • Mammalian and insect cell cultures, viral amplification and isolation in Cell CultureIn Vivo experiments with different mouse strains • Immunoassays : serum neutralisation Assays, ELISA • work in bsl-2, bsl-3 laboratories and bsl-3 animal facility • Logistics: Purchasing and management of stocks.

  • Veterinary

    December 2009 --- January 2011
    small animal Veterinary in a small animal Veterinary practice of 3 veterinarians - autonomous in Clinical Medicine and conventional Surgery - participated to several congresses and symposia - good contact with the clients (urban)

  • Veterinary

    July 2008 --- December 2009
    small animal Veterinary in a mixed Veterinary practice clinic of 4 veterinarians - autonomous in Clinical Medicine and conventional Surgery - participated actively in the field to the bluetongue Virus (btv) vaccination campaign - followed a Training course in abdominal ultrasound - good contact with both urban and rural clients


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityCuriosityFlexibilityOrganizationProactivityOptimismAttention to detail


Self Assessment :
Animal modelsVirologyVeterinary MedicineImmunologyMolecular DiagnosticsqPCR
LinkedIn Assessment :
Virologymolecular biologyVeterinary MedicineEpidemiologyResearchVeterinary Public HealthCell CultureRT-PCRAnimal ModelsqRT-PCRVeterinaryPetsDogsAnimal WelfareAnimal NutritionSoft Tissue SurgeryAnimal BehaviorSurgeryAnimal Husbandry

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Creates a collaborative team environment Write protocols Write papersWritten presentationwrite and maintain clinical evaluation reportsPresent data at congressPresent clinical resultsOral presentationDesign scientific projects (in biology)Execute scientific projects Analyze data Molecular Diagnostics Search literature on clinical trialsCalculate timelines for conducting and completing the trialcollaborate in research projects at universitiesConduct animal studiesConduct research at universitiesCoordinate with the ethics commiteecoordinating research projectsManage study budgetPublication of articlesRead medical literature to maintain current awareness and knowledgePublish scientific projectsResearch at universitiesReview protocolsSearch literature on clinical trialsUse laboratory techniquesWork collaboratively with the other members of the clinical research team


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Veterinary Virology from Université de Liège in 2015
  • in GLP and Validation from BioWin in 2013
  • in Doctoral training from Université de Liège in 2012
  • in from Université de Liège in 2011
  • Master in Veterinary Medicine from Université de Liège in 2008
  • Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Sciences/Veterinary Clinical Sciences, General from Facultés universitaires 'Notre-Dame de la Paix' in 2005

Training and Certification

  • GLP in 2013 Certification
  • Validation in 2013 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Professional Proficiency
Professional Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Associate Scientist associate Clinical Project Manager Clinical Project Manager (CPM) Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Clinical Trial Coordinator (CTC) Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) Scientific Researcher Scientific Writer
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
  • International:


    Expert has 4 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Kessel-Lo, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes

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