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through his experience as a high-level Scientist and his experience in the field of social development, marc has also acquired skills in management, Project Management, Communication and Pedagogy. now, marc wishes to bring his expertise to a dynamic company that promotes collective intelligence in a process of continuous improvement.

  • marc jupin, phd in science, is a Research Scientist who worked in international groups throughout the world (france, israel, the netherlands). his main work focus on the use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to study Metabolism and metabolites-Proteins interactions in complex Biological media (urine, blood plasma, prostatic fluid and In Vitro brain slices) to improve better Diagnostic when screening for diseases such as Cancer and Diabetes.
  • after several years of Research, marc's altruism led him to take a sabbatical year. he joined ngos in france, where his mission was to live and help people in problematic suburbs of paris. his mission was to create trusting relationships with families from immigrant backgrounds to facilitate their integration into French culture. marc has also worked as a Science teacher and a educator in a secondary college with pupils havig difficulties in the "usual" curriculum. these experiences allowed marc to assert his skills such as: adaptation to new environment, patience, listening skills, Pedagogy, Project Management and group management.
  • marc acquired Biological knowledge in structural Biochemistry, Proteomics and metabolomics during his University studies in toulouse, france, where he obtained a master's degree in science. marc then worked in the netherlands in two prestigious institutions: the institute of materials and molecules (imm) and the medical center of radboud University. his work has resulted in 4 articles related to interactions (transport) and quantification of bound and free metabolites, binding kinetics and quantification of Proteins, in blood plasma and prostatic fluid. in terms of Proteins, marc developed the Protein-induced magnetic susceptibility to quantify their concentration in blood plasma, this original method was an Innovation. during his Postdoctoral fellowship in israel, marc aquired expertise in dynamic nuclear polarization (dnp) to observe Metabolism in rat brain slices. for this work, marc had received an ethical license for animal Surgery. and he took part in setting up the dnp-NMR Laboratory and instruments.


Current Experience

  • Teacher in lower secondary classes for pupils having difficulties in the 'normal' curriculum.

    Montfermeil, France
    Since September 2017

    the foundation has 11 schools in france. lower secondary school Teacher in Mathematics, physic, Chemistry and technology.

    • these schools aim to provide an alternative Education to pupils having difficulties in the 'normal' curriculum. they are an Innovation in suburbs:
      • motivate and encourage pupils in believing in their own capacities.
      • help children to grow in their own personality.
      • adapt to the specific needs of pupils (fundamental knowledge, homework support).
      • personalized Education (15 pupils per class); the Teacher is also an educator (lunch and activities with children and teenagers); imply families in the Education project.
    • Training: multiple intelligence, hyperactive children, nuyts Teaching method.

    The Foundation has 11 schools in France. Lower secondary school teacher in Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry and technology.

    • These schools aim to provide an alternative education to pupils having difficulties in the 'normal' curriculum. They are an innovation in suburbs:
      • Motivate and encourage pupils in believing in their own capacities.
      • Help children to grow in their own personality.
      • Adapt to the specific needs of pupils (fundamental knowledge, homework support).
      • Personalized education (15 pupils per class); The teacher is also an educator (lunch and activities with children and teenagers); Imply families in the education project.
    • Training: Multiple intelligence, hyperactive children, Nuyts teaching method.

Past Experience

  • Sabbatical year: Volunteer for social and cultural integration of immigrants. Bondy, France

    September 2016 --- August 2017

    association with 7 branches in france, 20 employees, 30 civic service, 300 volunteers. live in problematic suburbs to carry out educative, social and cultural actions for inhabitants, children, teenagers and families, in partnership with similar ngos.

    • creating interpersonal bonds and solidarity with immigrant families and drug traffickers in order to facilitate integration and assist transition to mainstream profession:
      • community outreach through providing meals; social engagement in the public spaces; community-building activities.
    • educational mission:
      • literacy support for 10 adults with an adapted Teaching method; writing and reading.
      • homework support for 10 young people 2 to 3 times a week of primary, middle and high school levels; significant improvement regarding schoolwork and behaviour was observed.
    • Leader position for extracurricular activities with students, adapted for about 20 children of suburban context; activities and Logistics facilitator (rules, weekly meetings, camp preparation).
    • intercultural facilitator through introduction of French culture to migrant communities: cultural visits with families of 20-80 people. assisted with daily life of the inhabitants in the administrative field (looking for jobs, etc.)

  • Postdoctoral Researcher in Radiology to study metabolism. Jerusalem, Israel

    September 2014 --- August 2016

    most renown medical centre in israel, 130 researches, 4000 employees. innovative Research focusing on the development of molecular-MRI imaging markers for the early diagnosis and monitoring of Cancer and brain disease.

    • participated in the creation of Laboratory and installation of the machines ($1 million usd in Investments).
    • assisted in experimental science)" rel="nofollow">Protocol to detect Cancer:
      • oxygen fluid circulation system.
      • injection system of marker molecules into nmr tubes.
    • Characterization of tumorous tissue by determining the kinetics of labelled molecules using mathematical tools.
    • working on the rats as an animal model.
    • Training and Teaching of NMR spectroscopy to Biology master and phd students.

  • Researcher in Radiology to study prostatic fluid. Nijmegen, Netherlands

    April 2012 --- August 2013

    group renown for its work and Treatment of prostate Cancer. Research to understand links between chemical phenomena, such as interactions of micro and macro-molecules, in prostatic fluid and prostate Physiology, namely Cancer.

    • chemical recomposition of the prostatic fluid corresponding to the tumoral evolution or physiological state of the tissue.
    • expression of prostate specific antigen in e. coli Bacteria.
    • simulation molecules NMR signals for Data Analysis.
    • mrs measurements to determine the NMR relaxation of the molecules depending on the chemical composition of prostatic fluid related the physiological state of prostate.

  • Researcher PhD Student studying intermolecular interactions in blood plasma. Nijmegen, Netherlands

    January 2008 --- March 2012

    radboud University, institute of molecules and materials, department of bio-physico-Chemistry. the studies were supervised by spinnovation analytical, bruker biospin, and funded by bruker biospin, schering-plow, spinnovation analytical, synthon, the dutch ministry of economic affairs, the gelderland province and the overijssel province.

    • investigation of molecular interactions to make better bio-fluid Analysis. the focus was on blood plasma, a very complex bio-fluid in its chemical composition and difficult to handle.
      • establishing the links between 'fatty acid-albumin' and 'metabolites-albumin' interactions, an important phenomenon in Diabetes.
      • invention of a new (potentially patentable) method for measuring the concentration of Proteins in fluids.
      • illustration of how to measure 'free' and 'bound' molecules in the blood plasma.
      • Presentations of results to financiers two to three times a year.
      • participation and presentation at international scientific conferences, with posters (germany, croatia, sweden, the netherlands).
      • Training in Research tools: Academic Writing, bnra (advanced course in NMR spectrometry), phd NMR In Vivo, chemometrics, international summer school of Biophysics.
      • Teaching spectroscopic methods to bsc students and Trainee Tutor.

  • Staff

    January 2006 --- January 2007

  • Kitchen clerk

    January 2004 --- August 2006
    preparing entrées and desserts

  • Kitchen clerk

    January 2002 --- January 2004
    • dish washing.
    • preparing starters.

  • Sales representative for automobile spare parts

    January 2000 --- January 2001
    Sales and warehouse management


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityApproachabilityCritical thinkingCuriosityEfficiencyOrganizationSelf-disciplineSociabilityTrustProblem solvingInterest in knowledgeAuthenticityAnalytical thinking


LinkedIn Assessment :
SpectroscopyNMR spectroscopyNMRscienceBiochemistryScientific WritingChemistryMetabolomicsExperimentationBlood PlasmaMatlabMetabonomicsChemometricsFatty acidsLinuxRat heart perfusion and brain extractionAdapting to changing circumstances and self-evaluationIntercultural managementAltruistic and eager to assist others progressCourse design and teaching different levelsProject management at professional and extra-professional levelrat surgeryDNP-NMR

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Write papersTeach university studentsSupervise PhD studentsSet up research projectsReview reportsRead medical literaturePublication of articles Analytical skills Analyze data Create SOPsManage research projectsBiomarker ResearchPlan experimentsInteract with pre-clinical scientists


  • Doctor of Philosophy - PhD in Science in Bio-Physical Chemistry from Radboud University Nijmegen in 2012
  • Professional Master in Structural Biochemistry, Proteomics and Metabolomics from Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III) in 2007
  • Bachelor of Science and Master in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III in 2006
  • University of Cambridge Higher School Certificate in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics from Dr. R. Chaperon State Secondary School in 2002
  • University of Cambridge School Certificate in Sciences from Eden Colledge, Rose-Hill (Mauritius) in 1998

Training and Certification

  • IBM Mainframe developper in 2018 Certification
  • Animal Lab Ethics and Handling. in 2015 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    R&D Scientist Scientific consultant Preclinical Scientist Assay Process Developer Lab Scientist Management Assistant Postdoctoral fellow Scientific Writer Bioinformatician Data Scientist
  • Locations I am interested in:
    Austria Belgium France Germany Mauritius Netherlands Switzerland UK
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
    BrightOwl employee
  • International:


    Expert has 5 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Bondy, France


Driving License
  • Yes

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