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I am a scientist with a passion for medical-clinical research. For 10 years I have experience in developing, reviewing, analyzing and evaluating. During my research career I have acquired expertise in various fields of medical research and related techniques, first as project officer, then as co-promotor and project leader. As a consultant, I support managers in the implementation of the relevant legislation. 

I am superb in analyzing complex issues. I can handle large amounts of information and easily see patterns in complexity. These structures I can pass on by explaining complex issues in an easy way. In everything I do I aim for accuracy and quality. Purposeful, structured and efficient organizing is my undisputed talent. I love innovation and variety. My communication skills guarantee a good flow of information.


Professional expertise

  • Scientific research: setting up, planning and coordinating experiments; result-driven approach.
  • Project management: initiating, developing and coordinating research projects; budget management; meeting deadlines.
    • Co-promotor NANORISK project – leader WP3
    • Co-promotor MYCOBINDERS project – leader WP2
    • European Commission FP6 NANOSAFE2
  • People management: supervising students and lab technicians; chairing meetings; establishing collaboration.
  • Communication: presenting results at international conferences and project meetings, convincing people; Writing scientific papers, study protocols, project reports, Service Level Agreement; giving advice.
  • Data analysis: review, analysis, evaluation and interpretation of data; critical analysis and synthesis of research-related problems.
  • Working in accredited laboratory (ISO 17025, ISO 17043, National Reference Lab).
  • Acting within a legal framework and regulatory obligations.
  • Laboratory expertise:
    • Toxicity of nanoparticles. Lung inflammation and prothrombotic effects.
    • Toxicity of mycotoxins, binder and biomarker studies. Chemical analysis.
    • In vitro - in vivo experiments, microscopy, pathology, molecular biology.


Current Experience

  • Consultant
    Since August 2013

Past Experience

  • scientific collaborator
    June 2009 --- July 2013

    investigating food safety/toxicity related to mycotoxins and nanoparticles

  • Attaché REACH
    February 2009 --- June 2009

    risk assessment of chemicals

  • PhD student
    June 2004 --- January 2009

    “Toxicity of nanoparticles. Cytotoxicity – Development of an in vitro pulmonary translocation model – In vivo toxicity and tissue distribution”

    Promotor Prof. dr. Peter Hoet - Co-promotor Prof. dr. Ben Nemery


  • Doctor in Medical sciences from KU Leuven in 2008
  • Master in Bio-engineering in Cell and Gene biotechnology from KU Leuven in 2003


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Area / Region

Antwerp, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes