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After somewhat 6 years spent completing, with strong diligence and ethics, a high-quality scientific project in an international fast-paced environment, I let my never-ending curiosity and inner peace taking my eyes in the backstage of the world during a 2-year journey, holding cultural exchanges off-the-beaten tracks, and embracing challenges one after another, while sustaining my endeavors through various assignements undertook on the go.


My highlight?


A 2-week solo trek to the highest pass in the world (5416m) within the Himalayans...


Though, as improving projects is, and has always been, a major interpersonal mindset of mine, that I own hands-on experience and particular interests in various fields (management, sciences, communication, digital...), I now lay down valuable skills at disposal of businesses eager to thrive in today’s challenging world. Please note that I don't mind aiming something big because that’s where the rewards are; outside the comfort zones.


Past Experience

  • Senior Scientific Officer
    October 2016 --- September 2017
    • Conducting comparative scientific and regulatory policy studies in authoritative bodies; • Developing, reviewing, approving technical (SOPs, characterization reports design) & general (company’s scientific opinion and health policy standards) content materials; • Ensuring QA of substance toxicology characterization reports; • Contributing to internal resolution and approval of protocol deviations; • Assisting in the technical framework development of an advanced bibliographic algorithm; • Scouting for enrollment of international Audit Committee members; • Providing digital marketing and communication support;

  • Explorer
    April 2015 --- March 2017
    • Planning and executing a full-cycle international project; • Holding leadership and managerial positions (10+ team members) through temporary assignments; • Tackling challenges within national and international regulations; • Negotiating product acquisitions in foreign languages on a daily basis; • Developing and promoting editorial content materials through multiple digital channels;

  • Clinical data manager
    June 2014 --- September 2014
    • Ensuring QA of clinical study databases in accordance with ICH/GCP and SOP guidelines; • Contributing to external resolution of protocol deviations through study site guidance regarding proper usage of Oracle Clinical software (CDISC);

  • Project Manager
    September 2007 --- February 2014
    • Fundraising and securing public/private research grants; • Planning and executing a full-cycle scientific project; • Developing, reviewing, approving technical (SOPs, data analysis reports, scientific manuscripts) & general (funding reports, scientific presentations) content materials; • Managing and overseeing workflow and training of 5+ undergraduate students and staff members; • Negotiating product acquisitions; • Complying with scientific ethics;


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityEfficiencyCreative thinkingAttention to detailOptimismInnovative thinkingCuriosityCritical thinkingAnalytical thinkingOrganizationCoordinationFlexibilityProblem solvingProactivityResiliencyStrategic thinkingWillingness to compromise


LinkedIn Assessment :
Project ManagementLife SciencesScientific WritingChange ManagementLead GenerationTechnical WritingBiotechnologyBusiness StrategyNetworkingTeamworkLeadershipmolecular biologyMicrosoft OfficeClinical trialsClinical research

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Analyze data execute and publish scientific projects (in biology) Guide students Report dataArchive study documentsAssess adverse reactionsCollect patient forms and questionnairesConduct literature searchesData verificationDevelop and maintain GCP/ICH compliant processes which control the quality of work and clinical trials Ensure consistency between the protocol and CRFEnsure good clinical practice (GCP)Execute scientific projectsOral presentation


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sciences - Molecular Biology from Université libre de Bruxelles in 2013
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Sciences - Molecular Biology from Université libre de Bruxelles in 2007

Training and Certification

  • BioWin - Clinical Trials Training Modules (CRA/CRO; ICH/GCP; regulatory affairs) in 2014 Training
  • English scientific lessons in 2013 Training
  • Clinical Trial Modules Certification
  • Excel VBA Programming Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    1 week
  • Positions I am interested in:
    Business Consultant Business Development Manager Freelance Science Writer Marketing Manager Project Assistant Project Manager QC/QA Manager Medical translator Regulatory Affairs Consultant Scientific Advisor Senior Medical Writer Translator Team Leader
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
    BrightOwl employee
  • International:

Area / Region

Bruxelles, Belgique


Driving License
  • Yes