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  • 13 years of experience in health and biotechnology sectors
  • Ideal for management of complex multidisciplinary projects involving various stakeholders
  • Willing to relocate to the UK and within the Netherlands (other European countries and Singapore might also be considered)
  • MD and PhD degrees (MD obtained at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey; PhD obtained at Maastricht University, the Netherlands)
  • Experience with health systems and policies, health management, personalized medicine and personalized health care
  • Experience with consultancy (for public, intergovernmental and private sectors), biotech (start-up company) and academic sectors
  • Generalist in health and health care with special focus on research, development and integration of innovations into health systems
  • Management of complex projects involving various stakeholders, including governmental institutions, civil society, pharmaceutical sector, and intergovernmental/ international organizations
  • Grant application/ proposal preparation and project management (served 9 times to the European Commission and other funders in Europe as an expert for evaluation of project proposals and midterm reports)
  • Strong skills with research and development of innovations for health
  • Former Marie Curie Fellow, which is a prestigious fellowship programme of the European Commission for experienced researchers
  • Experience with business aspects, including business plan development
  • Training programme development & execution, presentation, and teaching skills (for academia and, public, civil society and private sectors)
  • Experience with development and execution of European Commission grants; served the Commission eight times as an expert evaluator for project proposals and mid-term reviews


Current Experience

  • Senior Researcher Maastricht, Netherlands
    Since June 2016

    ▪ Development of intersectoral projects on integration of innovations into health systems
    ▪ Development of projects on breastfeeding policies in global scale
    ▪ Education activities for Global Health Master (tutorials and theses supervision)

  • Independent Consultant Heerlen, Netherlands
    Since September 2015

    ▪ Development of intersectoral projects on integration of innovations into health systems including idea development, identification of appropriate funds, consortium building and writing of project proposal
    ▪ Providing ‘pre-evaluation’ services to candidate applicants’ draft project proposals that are prepared for European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme
    ▪ Medical consultant for personalized health care model Gentest in Turkey
    ▪ Education activities at Maastricht University for International Master in Medicine and Global Health Master (tutorials, lectures, practicals and thesis supervision)

  • Expert Evaluator for Grant Proposals (Horizon 2020)
    Since October 2010

    Expert for evaluation of competitive project proposals and review of ongoing projects involving academic, industrial and public sector innovation for public funds in Europe ▪ Has been serving European Commission (EC) as an expert evaluator since 2010 regularly; served at six consensus meetings and two panel meetings in Brussels (Health area of the Framework Programme 7 and Horizon 2020) ▪ Served Research Council of Norway for evaluation of project proposals on ICT and Health ▪ Providing ‘pre-evaluation’ services to candidate applicants’ draft project proposals that are prepared for EC’s Horizon 2020 ▪ Served for calls in Health are on diverse topics, including diabetes and obesity, mental health, ICT for health (including disease management and telemedicine), environmental health, use of genetics/genomics in these areas, and personalized medicine and health care.

Past Experience

  • Researcher
    March 2014 --- March 2016

    ▪ Research on integration of personalized medicine and personalized health care practices into health care systems and policies in Europe ▪ A study that identified personalized medicine/ health care practices in the literature with a systematic search strategy and analyzed their content (qualitative methodology) to identify which notions they imply for the definition of the personalized approaches (publication submitted) ▪ Completed her PhD dissertation that encompasses her research on integration of personalized health care into health systems in the past 6 years. Supervisor: Prof. dr. F. Feron. Co-supervisors: Dr. A. Krumeich & Dr. E. Syurina

  • Researcher (Marie Curie Fellow)
    May 2011 --- February 2014
    • Carried out ‘P4-Medicine@EU Evaluation of a Best Practice Model for Personalized Health Care within Public Health Genomics’ project under her Marie Curie Fellowship, funded by European Commission Framework Programme 7 (EC FP7) • Research on integration of personalized health care in health systems and policies in Europe • Conducted a mapping study to identify the areas that should be addressed for integration of personalized health care applications into health systems. • For the mapping study, interviewed with 22 opinion leaders and experts around the world from various fields including basic science, public health, public health genomics, genetic epidemiology, health economics, biobanks, pharma sector, health policy, politics of health, governmental officials, and non-governmental organizations.

  • Researcher (PhD researcher)
    November 2010 --- April 2011

    • Carrying out project activities for RICHE – Research into Child Health in Europe Project, funded by EC FP7

  • Project Coordinator
    February 2009 --- August 2010

    • SME on health care research, training and consultancy, established by Dr. Serdar Savas as the first consultancy company in Turkey, which works only for health sector (2000). • Project manager for development of the national diabetes policy in Turkey, including research on the current situation and need analysis for diabetes prevention and care - Diabetes 2020: Vision and Targets project, coordinated by Turkish Diabetes Foundation, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Turkey, in collaboration with World Health Organization Europe and International Diabetes Foundation Europe. • Coordination of R&D activities of GENAR Institute of Public Health and Genomics Research, which was transferred to BSS in Jan 2009.

  • R&D Coordinator
    January 2005 --- August 2010
    • GENAR Institute for Public Health and Genomics Research was established in Hacettepe University Science Park, Ankara Turkey, in 2004 and was active there until 2009. Its founder and director was Dr. Serdar Savas. At the time of its establishment, it was the third center working on public health genomics in Europe. • Dr. Cesuroglu coordinated the R&D activities of GENAR Institute of Public Health Genomics, which aimed to contribute scientific developments, as well as policy development, in the area of public health genomics; and transform scientific developments in this area into products and services that improves human health, quality of life and performance, and extends life span. • The R&D activities focused on understanding the underlying genetic and genomic basis of these conditions, interaction of this genetic basis with other contributing factors including life style, and developing products based on targeted prevention, early detection and treatment strategies, as well as of high economical value and feasibility. • Main working areas: chronic complex diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, neurodegenerative conditions, etc.; nutrigenetics; pharmacogenetics. • Among the various projects she carried out, the most prominent ones: - R&D for Gentest concept, practice model, components and first prototypes and application of Gentest model for different population and disease subgroups (2005-2007) - GENAR was a partner of an Integrated Project under FP6 – ‘EPICURE Functional Genomics and Neurobiology of Epilepsy: A Basis for New Therapeutic Strategies’, and she functioned as the Principal Investigator at GENAR.

  • Health Services Consultant
    August 2004 --- December 2004
    • SME, founded by Dr. Serdar Savas, on health care research, training, consultancy and IT based solutions, for a large spectrum of clientele including World Bank, UN agencies, Ministry of Health (MoH), health care institutions, potential investors in the area of health and pharmaceutical sector • Main responsibilities: o Management of projects on reproductive health, including policy development and trainings o Project based responsibilities in all service areas of the institute, including management of qualitative and quantitative research projects (policy research, health services research, market research, evaluation of training needs, assessment and evaluation of trainings, etc.) o Working in the establishment of ITT – Advanced Medical Technologies Ltd. and its business plans; including making relevant current situation assessments based on literature and other sources and working on the development of the business model, etc. o Working in the establishment of ITT’s R&D centre at Hacettepe University Science Park and the establishment of GENAR Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics Research and Diagnostic Laboratories (determining and purchasing of relevant equipments, coordination of relevant trainings, etc.) • Main projects: o Development of the National Reproductive and Sexual Health Strategic Action Plan of Turkey, including current situation analysis and need assessment for reproductive and sexual health (policy research) and policy development (funded by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and MoH) (2004-2005) (Project Coordinator) o Training development, coordination and execution of ‘Training Programme on Management of Reproductive Health Services for Health Managers’ for MoH, UNFPA and Delegation of the European Commission to Turkey. (Training development in 2003-2004; pilot training in 2004; mass training in 2007). (Training and Project Coordinator)

  • Clinical Quality Task Manager
    September 2003 --- July 2004
    • Responsible for activities and projects on health care quality, including hospital accreditation & certification, continuous quality improvement programmes, clinical work flow analysis, patient safety, etc. • Project based responsibilities in all service areas of the company including policy research, health services research, market research, evaluation of training needs, assessment and evaluation of trainings, etc. • Main project: Development and assessment of a clinical workflow analysis model (health services research) within Kadikoy Sifa Hospital Continuous Quality Improvement Programme (Istanbul) (2002-2003) (Researcher)

  • Project and Research Assistant
    October 2002 --- August 2003
    • Assistance in technical issues and research on the areas given in the previous post • Personal assistance to the Chairman, Dr. Serdar Savas


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityAnalytical thinkingAssertivenessCommunicativeCompetitivenessCritical thinkingIndividualityResult OrientedSelf-confidenceStrategic thinkingWillingness to compromiseProblem solvingIndependenceInnovative thinkingCollaboration


Self Assessment :
EU grantsHorizon 2020project developmentProject Coordination
LinkedIn Assessment :
Personalized health carePersonalized MedicinePublic health genomicsHealth PolicyPublic HealthHealth SystemsGeneticsGenomicsHealthcareEpidemiologyPreventionMolecular geneticsNutritionHealthDiabetesMedicineDisease ManagementPharmaceutical IndustryResearchLife SciencesClinical researchscienceHealth care systems and policiesDisease risk managementDiabetes policiesPersonalized healthcarePharmacogenomicsNutrigenomicsDisease preventionPolicy researchDevelopment & delivery of trainingIntegration of innovations in health careInnovation for health and health careContinuous quality improvement in health careHealth care quality

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Guide students Interact with nurses Interact with physicians Search literature on clinical trials Technology research Write papersAdjust processes and methodsAdvise on medical perspectivesAdvise on strategycollaborate in research projects at universitiesCollaborate with medical teamConduct literature searchesConduct university research CoordinationInteract with KOLInteract with physiciansWork cross-functionallyOral presentationOrganise meetingsOrganise steering committeeObtain grantsDevelop business plandevelopdevelop health care modelscurrent status assessmentneeds assessment strategy development


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Medicine & Public Health from Maastricht University in 2016
  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Medicine from Hacettepe Üniversitesi in 2002
  • in from Icel Anatolian High School in 1996

Training and Certification

  • Introduction to HTA; massive open online course; University of Sheffield in 2013 Training
  • Designing and Conducting Qualitative Research, Caphri – School of Public Health and Primary Care, Maastricht University in 2012 Training
  • Genetic Epidemiology programme in Erasmus Summer Programme, with the fellowship from Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences (Nihes), Rotterdam in 2008 Training
  • Languages

    BrightOwl Assessment:
    Self Assessment:
    Full Proficiency
    Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Research associate Assistant Professor Associate Scientist associate Clinical Project Manager Biomedical Scientist Business Consultant Clinical Development Consultant Clinical Director Europe Doctor Medical Director Medical Manager Medical Officer Postdoctoral Researcher Postdoctoral Research Fellow Postdoctoral fellow Post-doctoral Fellow Principal Scientist R&D Director R&D Scientist R&D manager Regulatory and Start-Up Specialist Research Assistant Research fellow researcher Scientific Advisor Scientific Associate scientific collaborator Scientific consultant Scientific Officer Scientific Researcher Scientist Senior Associate Scientist Senior Consultant Team Leader Senior Strategy Consultant
  • Locations I am interested in:
    Belgium Germany Netherlands Singapore United Kingdom
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    75% FTE
    BrightOwl freelancer :    Flexible Hours per week
    BrightOwl employee :    75% FTE
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    Expert has 13 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Heerlen, Netherlands


Driving License
  • No