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With a PhD in biomedicine and experience in research, I decided to shake it up a little and is currently very keen on taking up a job in Biomedical/Pharmaceutical industry in research management and development.


Current Experience

  • Part time Research Assistant, Vounteer for Animal Conservation Research and Freelance Consultant
    Since August 2013
    Site visit, surveys, preparation of collection materials, sample collection and preservation, isolation and processing of genetic material, tagging and documentation, data entry and analysis. As a consultant, giving research advices and resources for entrepreneurs from non-research background to develop functional food and other food products.

Past Experience

  • Researcher
    January 2013 --- April 2013

  • PhD student
    January 2009 --- January 2013

  • Bachelors and Masters in Biotechnology
    June 2003 --- December 2008
    Apart from studies, University level Table Tennis doubles winner and captain, College Hockey team member.

  • Master Thesis Student
    January 2008 --- May 2008
    Master Thesis in Parkinson's Disease


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  • Secondary School in from St. Mary's CGHSS, Ernakulam in 2003
  • High School in from St Antony's Higher Secondary School, Kacheripady, Ernakulam in 2001

Training and Certification

  • FELASA Certification

Area / Region



Driving License
  • No