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Engineer in Biotechnology (2006-2011)

Biotechnology Engineer capable of applying microbiological, chemical and molecular biology knowledge. with determination, desire to work and to face challenges that allow me to improve and develop my skills in Validation, Analysis and Researcher in the Engineering field.

handling of strains with strict sterility

management of Bacteria, fungi and plants

molecular identification

Testing gram

operation and maintenance of Laboratory equipment


MSc in Chemistry (2013 -2015)

an academic-Research, Training with a high level of competence, able to act professionally in various fields of activity such as industrial, public and private sector, Research centers and the free exercise of the profession. Research skills of a set of theoretical and experimental methods and their field of professional action techniques are mastered. ability to manage critically the technical and / or scientific specialized sources present in the chemical Sciences.

operation and maintenance of Laboratory equipment

management of chemical reagents

using multiple spectroscopic methods

management of various Purification techniques

good knowledge of safety equipment

intellectually curious

fast learning

Statistical Analysis and mathematical calculations

time pressure and responsibility

experience in rough guide.



n bachelor thesis project level (Research project thesis for the degree of Engineer in Biotechnology)

polytechnic University of pachuca (upp) in the project "molecular identification of Bacteria with antifungal activity

against the fungal pathogen of corn sporisorium reilianum"; hidalgo, mexico.

responsibilities: maintenance 12 bacterial and periodic re-seeded strains. Research suitable temperatures for the

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). evaluation of cycle times for PCR. Research on species of Bacteria with genetic

compatibility with the isolated Bacteria. 16sr Gene amplification of the isolated Bacteria. molecular identification of

Bacteria by biosoftware and through Gene amplification 16sr.

major achievements: standardization of PCR for Bacteria under study was achieved, specifying temperatures and times

for the PCR. Bacteria isolated using specified techniques were identified correctly

n master thesis project level (Research project thesis for the degree of master of chemical Sciences)

universidad autónoma del estado de hidalgo (uaeh) in the project "synthesis of bisindole by sonogashira double

coupling reactions and cyclization 5-endo-dig"; hidalgo, mexico.

main responsibilities: perform synthesis with various spacers alkynes and aryl benzenoid obtaining iodinated

precursors, that by means of a double sonogashira couple reaction and a double cyclization obtained bisindoles with

potential Applications in optoelectronic field; obtain compounds with high purities using various Purification methods

such as crystallization and Chromatography columns. characterize the final compounds as well as their precursors by

interpretation of the spectra (rmn, ir, raman) obtained.. find the melting points of the compounds isolated and report

its rf.

main achievements: the synthesis of different bisindole with good yields was achieved. the methodology was extended

for a trisindol. the charters compounds were isolated and took a relevant spectroscopic Characterization.



balderrama-martínez-sotomayor, r; flores-jarillo, m.; alvarez-hernandez, a.; preparation of symmetrical c2-c2-

linked bis- and tris-6-bromoindoles by sonogashira couplings and 5-endo-dig cyclizations induced by nbu4nf. accepted

for publication in arkivoc. 2015.

extra-academic activities

asisstence to the “meeting on alternative energies” with recognition granted on november 9, 2007 in

pachuca hidalgo, mexico.

assistence to the “second international worksop on Biotechnology” ” with recognition granted on

november 7 2007 by universidad autónoma del estado de hidalgo en pachuca hidalgo, méxico.

assistance to the xvii congreso nacional de ingeniería bioquímica y viii jornadas científicas de

biomedicina y biología molecular conducted march 2010 in acapulco, guerrero, mexico.

participant and assistance to the 10º reunion de la academia mexicana de química organica with the

poster titled “síntesis de bisindoles mediante secuencias de reacción de doble acoplamiento de

sonogashira y ciclaciones 5-endo-dig” conducted from 5 to 9 may 2014 in san luis potosi, mexico.

participant and asisstance to the xii congreso internacional / xxxvii congreso nacional de la sociedad

mexicana de fitopatología, a.c. (smf) with the poster titled “aislamiento e identificación de bacterias con

actividad antifúngica contra los patógenos del maíz sporisorium reilianum y stenocarpella maydis”,

made from 4 to 8 july 2010 in mérida, yucatán, méxico..



English language at advanced level (toefl pbt 583 pts )

knowledge in handling chemdraw, mathlab® and c ++ language.

skills in handling Laboratory equipment, (Biotechnology and chemical).

microbial propagation.

experience in managing Databases and information searching in scientific magazines.

n Leadership capacity. responsible, punctual, enthusiastic and positive. honest, creative and very sociable.


  • MSc Chemistry in Chemistry from Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo in 2014
  • Biotech Engineer in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Universidad Politécnica de Pachuca in 2011

Area / Region

Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico


Driving License
  • No

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