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Current Experience

  • Senior Research Technician
    Since October 2015
    Developing platforms for the production of diterpenoids. Terpenoids are a large and diverse class of naturally occurring organic chemicals and currently, diterpenoids isolated from spurge family are being investigated as single compound pharmaceuticals. However, such compounds obtained from plants are often available in limited quantities, hence, heterologous production in alternative hosts can be used to obtain more reliable supplies. Engineering yeast and Nicotiana benthamiana for geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate production, using lycopene and casbene as indicators for the increase of GGPP in the two model systems. • Cloning of lycopene genes into E.coli and yeast (overlap extension PCR, Gibson assembly, In-Fusion, plasmid purification, restriction digest) • Recombinant protein production in E. coli and affinity purification (AKTA pure system), SDS-PAGE. • N. benthamiana co-infiltration, RNA extraction, metabolite extraction.

Past Experience

  • Technical Support
    February 2015 --- October 2015
    The main tasks of a technical support in Central Sterilization Department were retrieving surgery instruments from the surgery rooms, clean, pack and sterilization of instruments. The most important aspect of the entire procedure was to ensure each set fulfilled the quality standards in order to maintain the aseptic conditions in the surgery rooms and patient's health.

  • Research Technician
    April 2012 --- December 2014
    Folic acid is an essential vitamin (B9), that can only be synthesized de novo by plants and microorganisms. Folate deficiency can cause a series of birth defects (among them neural tube defects) or has been associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular and coronary diseases, Alzheimer and several cancers. Although folate is found in sufficient quantities in leafy vegetables, the average content in cereals is very low, particularly in rice, hence the need to enhance folate levels in rice seeds. To achieve this enhancement, genetic manipulation of rice tissue using Agrobacterium – mediated transformation was employed. • Planning and executing all transformation steps (from transfection and selection of plant tissue, ending up with generating transgenic plants in the growth room) • Transformation of Agrobacterium and E.coli • Gene copy number analysis (TaqMan® Q-PCR) • Restriction analysis • Maintaining transgenic lines and seed stocks in order to study the stability of folates across different storage conditions • Maintaining transgenic potato lines bearing folate genes.

  • scientific collaborator
    March 2008 --- December 2010


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  • Master's degree in Microbiological and Cellular Biotechnologies from University of Iasi in 2005
  • Bachelor's degree in Biology, General from University of Iasi in 2003


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    4 weeks
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    Research Assistant Laboratory technician
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    Ghent, Belgium
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    Permanent position :    full time% FTE
    BrightOwl employee :    full time% FTE
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York, United Kingdom


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