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Past Experience

  • Ph.D Candidate, Research Biologist
    March 2011 --- November 2014
    Thesis title: A Recombinant Approach for the Structure/Function Study of the E1, E2 and p7 proteins of the Hepatitis C Virus. Set-up of an E. coli cell-free expression system. Energy mix and regeneration system optimization. Production and purification of E1, E2 and p7 proteoliposomes. Biochemical and biophysical characterization of the produced proteoliposomes. I also participated in diverse collaboration programs and produced a variety of membrane proteins including ion channels, GPCRs and NADPH oxidases.

  • Research Biologist
    December 2009 --- March 2011
    Participated in the R&D program of the bussiness unit "Synthelis". Membrane protein production using a cell-free system.

  • Biologist
    August 2008 --- November 2008
    Research technologist Production and purification of recombinant proteins, protein-protein interaction assay development and kinase activity detection by HTRF and LANCE technology, automation, HTS. Follow up on client projects, respect deadlines

  • Intern
    February 2008 --- August 2008
    Small molecule screening internship Set up of an HTS demonstrator using HTRF for the company service unit. Production and purification of recombinant proteins, HTRF assay development, HTS

  • Intern
    April 2007 --- September 2007
    Study of degradation of an Fc-Fusion recombinant protein by host cell proteases. Identification and characterization of a CHO cell protease. Established an elimination strategy. Proteolytic activity fluorescence kit, zymography and FPLC

  • Audiovisual technician
    January 2002 --- January 2006
    Part-time job Managed equipment, provided clients with technical support on the phone and on site. Set-up material.

  • Assistant buyer
    July 2004 --- September 2005
    Summer position Evaluate vendor quotes and services to determine most desirable suppliers, purchase and negotiate material. Discover new suppliers. Arrange logistics.


Self Assessment :
CuriosityCreative thinkingCritical thinkingCollaborationFlexibilityIndependenceKindnessInterest in knowledge


LinkedIn Assessment :
Protein chemistrymolecular biologyPurificationProtein ExpressionBiochemistryBiotechnologyPCRChromatographyProtein PurificationElectrophysiologyWestern BlottingGel ElectrophoresisFermentationDrug Discovery


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biotechnology from Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble I) in 2015
  • M.Sc in Médicaments biotechnologiques et Management from Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble I) in 2008
  • B.SC in Cell and Molecular Biology from Concordia University in 2006

Training and Certification

  • - Level 1 animal experimentation accreditation in 2013 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    1 week
  • Positions I am interested in:
    Research Scientist Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Locations I am interested in:
    Belgique England, Royaume-Uni France Switzerland
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
  • International:


    Expert has 2 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Grenoble, France


Driving License
  • Yes